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  1. Kepp89

    buds smell bad - moldy

    nice stakes...i dig it. your air is moving around, right? and when you water you aren't letting the pot sit and soak in the runoff, right?
  2. Kepp89

    Rapid Leaf Death. Please help

    imo soak a leaf in water now hold it up by the stem. when its on the plant its almost hanging on by a thread it seems.
  3. Kepp89

    Would you recommend having the exhaust from tent with filter in your room?

    might wanna get an air purifier for your room? i had this one for a really long time. just wash the filter(s) every few months. click the link
  4. Kepp89

    Check out my humidifier 😁

    i didnt see the "new humidifier" in your graph. looking good. the controller might not do much work though so you might want to use multiple humidifiers so you dont have to fill the water as often and youd be able to better control the humidity when you open/close your tent
  5. Kepp89

    Co2 question

    Idk what pretty big is but you want it opposite your exhaust. If exhaust fan is on the left then you want your CO2 hose on the right.
  6. Kepp89

    The Little crop that almost couldn’t

    watching to follow strawberry cough
  7. Kepp89

    Co2 question

    your laser tube? i put my line near a fan that blows towards the canopy.
  8. Kepp89

    How do I lower my VPD ? using a Pulse

    i bet you can set it up yourself its just a hassle. mine took about 15 minutes to get the wrap around the tent, its 4' x 8' x 7' but i did it solo little by little
  9. Kepp89

    Help me name my first cross!

    pusha t
  10. Kepp89

    Week 3 flower 2x2x4 - when to do strip down of fan leaves

    Imo pull the dead ones off 2 days later pull the big leaves blocking lots of light 2 days after that pull any medium size leaves that are in a bad spot and can’t be tucked under the nug it’s blocking some light from.
  11. Kepp89


    i use soil but when mine looked droopy like that it was when i waited the extra day to water
  12. Kepp89

    Leaf spots

    that and they wont grow as high or at least it gives you more veg time without stealing height space from flowering
  13. Kepp89

    Leaf spots

    i believe that'd be low stress training. you just bend the stems little by little as it grows and it will maintain that shape once its more grown up
  14. Kepp89

    Pre carbon filter

    imo thats a tad cold at night. usually a 8-10 degree temp swing is a-ok but any more stresses the plant a touch i think? you'll get some interesting colors at least. in theory it should lower it but thats assuming outside your tent isnt more humid than inside your tent. if its humid asf...
  15. Kepp89

    Pre carbon filter

    not usually. unless you need to control the temperature or bring in co2 for the plants to use. the main key thing is no stale air. no sitting water. no pots sitting in 1" of water by stale air i mean if you put your hand in that spot, you'll feel zero air movement. you want air movement all...
  16. Kepp89

    Pre carbon filter

    you can keep it however you had it but hes saying listen to the exhaust fan when its on. if it seems like its working harder, then it may be because the wrap is thicker and restricts more air than the one you should be using. and it seems like that has velcro? so the only reason you should keep...
  17. Kepp89


    right on
  18. Kepp89

    1st time grow room leaning step by step

    welcome to the site. i hope you're taking notes during the processes with all that on your plate. that way you'll know what you did when you see results.
  19. Kepp89

    What’s wrong with her need professional help.

    It uhh it looks done to me but I’ve never seen a plant be grown like this before you need to look closely at the trichomes see what state they’re in. Clear means not ready, cloudy means ready for some people, and amber means done. You need a tool for it though like a magnifying glass that’s...
  20. Kepp89

    Help with seedling

    imo it looks fine but if anything itd be underwatered moving forward because of the big pot. the soil will be over watered but the plant will be under watered because it cant use the water if it cant reach it. and the soil will hold it if its not being used by the roots, which makes it appear...
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