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  1. GanjaNGains

    Reasonable Donations For Trimmer Help

    Ha make sure there not Dicking around and watch there work make them re do everything u don't like or they don't get Sh$t haha also helps if they know what they are even doing
  2. GanjaNGains

    Benefits Of Having Two Separate Veg And Flowering Tents?

    If you have a veg and a flower tent u can turn crops around way faster for me I'd rather have a harvest every 2/3 months then one harvest every 5-6
  3. GanjaNGains

    What Trimming Scissors Do You Use?

    Nose hair trimmers work best super small and thin with that curved blades makes it super easy to get inside the buds for a real nice trim.
  4. GanjaNGains

    Bong Or Pipe

    I prefer pipe honestly
  5. GanjaNGains

    Anyone Know What This Stuff Is On My Leaf?

    Eggs bro burn it immedielty
  6. GanjaNGains

    About 3 Weeks To Go

    Yes the one from nectar of the gods is what I use it is Brocken down into smaller parts the plants can use quicker it isn't that cheap and couldn't hurt to try however they do make a foliage spray to also help your plant uptake the extra calcium
  7. GanjaNGains

    About 3 Weeks To Go

    Calcium will get where is needs to go if it is Brocken down into bites the root zone can handle
  8. GanjaNGains

    About 3 Weeks To Go

    P? Well there is a good amount of calcium in the both of those and calcium will help dense up the buds and keep them tight adding more weight and the fish bone meal will bring out the colors and the overal quality of the buds for instance if u have a strain that has the potential for some really...
  9. GanjaNGains

    Beginning Growing.

    I always wet trim it's easier to cut all the leaves and stems off when they are still sticking out as aposed to when there dry and all mashed to the buds. But different strokes for diff folks I guess
  10. GanjaNGains

    About 3 Weeks To Go

    Bone meal and fish bone meal and sugars
  11. GanjaNGains

    Nutrients Help!!

    Blue planet nutrients look them up cheap and work great Iv been using them for years and they have a easy read feed chart depending on which products u choose I recommend the organic line although I have tried both and both work great organic is just best in my book. Happy to help with any...
  12. GanjaNGains

    Glueberry Og

    Mine is coming up not sure what day but any day now Iv been reall busy lately and havnt had time to harvest any of my plants lol
  13. GanjaNGains

    Glueberry Og

    Why do u suggest pulling at day 60? :)
  14. GanjaNGains

    Purple Leaves Near The Base Of Bud ?!?

    Ha nothing wrong w a lil purps lol what type of strain is it could b genetic but also cold temps will do that to your buds sometimes
  15. GanjaNGains

    Crooked Leaves

    Plants look fine and healthy nature isn't perfect which is what makes it beautiful and unique so do not stress over the little things. Good vibes
  16. GanjaNGains

    How To Add Moisture To Weed Again

    What I do because sometimes it happens you forget to check the buds or leave them open way to long... accidents happen but I always save some stems off the plants as I trim them so I can add a few to each jar that I may F$&@ up just add a few stems and the nugs will suck the moister right out...
  17. GanjaNGains

    Stupid Fucking Housemate And Evil Spider Mites

    Well if you are in week 6 then just try and ride it out for a few more weeks your gonna have to cross that bridge when you come to it but if yourbgarden still looks fine just b extra careful oh and get a new room mate!
  18. GanjaNGains

    Whitened Stem

    Diluted hydrogen peroxide yes u can
  19. GanjaNGains


    No if you have fallowed the steps and rinsed and can't find any then yes proceeed with the drying process
  20. GanjaNGains


    Cut it odd the fan leaves u don't want it anywhere it will spread
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