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  1. MisterSkunk

    Scotts Miracle-gro To Acquire Hydroponics Supplier Sunlight Supply

    pahahahaha! No self respecting true grower uses scotts anything! godamn poison peddlers!
  2. MisterSkunk

    Bud Smells Like Hay! Help

    How about...what streign are u growing? Does this happen with every streign? If only 1 try growing another. FYI I dont do any of that harvesting bs that has been listed. Wet trim, harvest when the hell I want lights on it dont matter, hang dry for 7 days, flush with florakleen for 2 days.
  3. MisterSkunk

    Flushing Question

    Since ur usin RO dirt, look at their organic nutes. I love their fish shit and terp teas! Also the 707 dirt is awesome!
  4. MisterSkunk

    Flushing Question

    IDK 13 days is a bit of stretch for me. I do 7 days. Day 1 florakleen then day 2 water only then repeat. But again thats me and may not work for everyone.
  5. MisterSkunk

    history of bubba kush

    I have both of those phenos also.
  6. MisterSkunk

    Flushing Question

    Florakleen is glucose based so it can be organic. All R.O. products are organic also besides their synth line. Ive done the pepsi challenge with just water vs florakleen. Been using florakleen for 10yrs. 1/2 cap per every 2 gal the last 1.5 weeks of flower every other day.
  7. MisterSkunk

    High Humidity

    If it hasnt yet then no it wont. Outdoor, the environment cannot be controlled. It will get worse as we get into fall. How far into flower are u and what type of streign?
  8. MisterSkunk

    Fem Seeds/reversing/breeding?

    Fem/Reg/Auto doesnt matter. What matters is stability and reliability. After growing for a while u will watch and learn why those are so important. Many will say u cant get stability out of fems but i disagree all day.
  9. MisterSkunk

    June,photo Of The Month

    Super Sour Skunk
  10. MisterSkunk

    88 G13 X Hash Plant

    Blastberry sativa pheno....
  11. MisterSkunk

    88 G13 X Hash Plant

    Blastberry Blackberry Kush x W 88' G13 Hashplant...made this about 7yrs ago. Still running nicely! I could swear the pack said it also had Haze in it but....... Pic is of the indica leaning pheno...sativa pheno has a more pine tar flavor whereas the indica is delicate balance between pine,berry...
  12. MisterSkunk

    Backcrossing ? Why ?

    If u have bannas on the Wreck along with pistils, Im not sure I would keep it. That implies instability and will likely carry over in a cross of any type. Now if ur stressing it some way, just stop and ease back then see if naners come out and play.
  13. MisterSkunk

    May,photo Of The Month

    Blastberry - Blackberry Kush(Cut) x White 88' G13 Hashplant(Hazeman) Taste: Pine,Berries & Kush.
  14. MisterSkunk

    Backcrossing ? Why ?

    I use "streign" to seperate from pathogenic reference of "Strain" another hot debate for decades.
  15. MisterSkunk

    Backcrossing ? Why ?

    For me bx'n isnt what I want. The initial cross gives me many phenos to work with and I dont want more of 1 streign in the mix than the other. I know IBL'n multiple times is debatable but tends to give the better finished result. Especially when using very opposite streigns.
  16. MisterSkunk

    Am I The Only One Who Loves Seed Day?

    I breed small batches as well.
  17. MisterSkunk

    Plants Flowering Under 18/6 Light Cycle?

    SO nobody in here has pointed out that if the original breeders used a bag seed or an unknown down the line somewhere, the gene pool can toss out irregularities such as unstable auto flowering phenos. U just never know. On top of that removing light even at 6hrs prior to bloom cycle it will...
  18. MisterSkunk

    Catpiss Strain

    I was gifted some Piss for xmas so we shall see if its the real deal.
  19. MisterSkunk

    roadkill skunk breeding

    So are u saying you have the real RKS?
  20. MisterSkunk

    Cannabis Hobbist Growers Of Colorado

    Phuking SPAM!
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