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  1. Oregon Grown

    Water Chiller for 4 5 gallon buckets

    I like to use a control bucket plumbed into the other 4 at the bottom and watering from the top. I have the control bucket at the end with the chiller. On the opposite end is a 1” T off the 3” plumbing halfway between the buckets running back to the chiller and from the chiller back to the top...
  2. Oregon Grown

    Coloradan's Please Speak Up!!!

    Sounds like a distraction, how does what Colorado chooses to do with the tax dollars generated affect what any other state does with theirs? I have to say I liked it better when Oregon was just a medical state and OLCC wasn't involved.
  3. Oregon Grown

    2-3 Inches Of Rain Coming Over Next Couple Days

    Just saw an ad yesterday Stihl days is going on now and leaf blowers are $130, don't know if it's just in Oregon though. We've already had 6 inches of rain here since yesterday and a tornado this morning. Wishing you luck on making it to harvest.
  4. Oregon Grown

    Help With Scrog

    I have to grow scrog method because of my ceiling height and from looking at your pics I can't see any reason to change what you are doing. You have already achieved what you are going for with a screen. If you feel the need to try the screen the best advice you have been given is don't weave...
  5. Oregon Grown

    Multi Level Scrog

    I would avoid weaving through the net and just pull the branch down under the next square when long enough it makes harvest easier.
  6. Oregon Grown

    Working In Ghana

    I haven't watched weediquette, I'll have to check it out thanks. I will will be there long enough that I should be able to find smoke that doesn't cost a kidney. I won't be bringing any with after reading the penalties, it's not worth a minimum 10 years in prison.
  7. Oregon Grown

    Faa Warns Of Gps Outages This Month During Mysterious Tests On The West Coast

    The FAA warning was reported incorrectly by the media. There is no affect at 50'. I think it was just an error rather then intentional but the lowest altitude that will be effected is flight level 50 or 5000' so most places wont be effected at ground level.
  8. Oregon Grown

    Working In Ghana

    If I can't get seeds that's no big deal, there's no shortage of good cuts in Oregon. It would be nice to know if the weed is any good there before I go. The only chance I will have to send weed there will be when we send our shipping containers. I'm pretty sure I could hide a couple pounds...
  9. Oregon Grown

    Working In Ghana

    LocalGrowGuy thanks for the links. That is pretty much what I read. I was thinking about putting some in one of our shipping containers but decided against it after reading about availability. I assume it will be mostly sativa due to the proximity to the equator. Our project will last at least 2...
  10. Oregon Grown

    Working In Ghana

    In October I will start working 2 months on 1 month off in Ghana. I have done some reading and it seems that marijuana sells for about $3 an ounce. Anyone been there that can tell me what the quality is like?
  11. Oregon Grown

    Police And Prison Guard Groups Fight Marijuana Legalization In California

    How are they getting in the way of anyone's choice of medacine? I am under the impression that anyone can get medical in CA, is that not the case? I'm now curious how many people are still being imprisoned in CA for marijuana, I didn't think it was enough to affect the bottom line of prisons.
  12. Oregon Grown

    Big Alcohol Moving In?

    I care more about legalizing and putting an end to people being jailed or fined for using then I do about who gets to make the money off of it. If the goal is to lagalize nationally I don't see how you will keep corporate money out of it. I do however think it's much more likely to get federal...
  13. Oregon Grown

    Comedy Thread.

    Now I'm curious so it's off to you tube I go.
  14. Oregon Grown

    Comedy Thread.

    Bill hicks looks like the guy from info wars
  15. Oregon Grown

    Guess Who Is Killing Us Off One By One

    @jumpincactus how does not voting help? The way I see it is you need to try and find any difference you can between the candidates and see how those differences align with your own beliefs and make a choice. For me that is their stance on gun control. Most likely he's not going to care what...
  16. Oregon Grown

    Guess Who Is Killing Us Off One By One

    Doctors? At this point yes go trump. I can't stomach the thought of Hillary. At least there is a chance he will care what the voters want. More importantly from my point of view the next Supreme Court judge needs to be pro 2nd amendment.
  17. Oregon Grown

    Governor Proposal Of Water Slides Between Portland And Vancouver

    Great idea, maybe we can pay another $90 million to consultants for nothing like the Columbia crossing bridge.
  18. Oregon Grown

    Hello Oregon!

    Welcome to OR. If you plan on renting when you get here you might want to have your friends keep an eye out for something that fits your needs. With so many people moving here it's getting harder to find a place every day. The most important thing you need to know when moving here is that anyone...
  19. Oregon Grown


    You will want to make sure and get property zoned agricultural. Now that it is listed as an agricultural product some counties have begun issuing daily fines for growing outdoors in rural areas zoned residential.
  20. Oregon Grown

    Iso/everclear Slab... No Butane.

    Is everclear different proofs in different states? In Oregon ever clear is 190 proof.
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