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  1. CBF

    On the Mountain

    On the Mountain
  2. CBF

    Puella Mala

    Chocolate Hash x 78 Chocolate Thai x Chocolate Chunk x Chocolate Rain
  3. CBF

    What's The Story With The Reeferman?

    I liked Reefs offerings a lot more when he was prairie boy on CW.
  4. CBF

    Backcrossing ? Why ?

    Depending on the line your ideal plant was sourced from, you could see inbred depression fairly fast. IMO a backcross is a tool used while doing filial generations, instill more of your selected plants traits as you continue to reach your homozygous population. Nothing worse then a batch of...
  5. CBF

    Whats your poison !! Stongest weed you know an we all love !!!

    Haze, strawberry Sativa, ghostOG, Orange Dub
  6. CBF

    Retail price

    adds in westworld this week are showin just about all the shops advertising top shelf 99 to 150 a zip. 25 a quarter now that's cheap!!! Tex over here on the western slope is pretty chill, the popo has been great, have visited the past 2 years on my outdoor med grow and alls good. basically they...
  7. CBF

    whats the news on COs legal MJ laws

    homegrown indoor will not go away, licensed or not, its the better bud imo. ill take my MJ over most anything you find in a store, ive tried quite a bit of dispensary weed, and its mersh, plain and simple. ive finally got tp read over the rec laws, and there will be grower licenses that will...
  8. CBF

    whats the news on COs legal MJ laws

    so bascally we don't have a clue on licencing for growers distributors and retailers???
  9. CBF

    whats the news on COs legal MJ laws

    hey all been outta commission dealin with a bit of cancer since harvest, do we have any idea what is takin place 0n the legal mj side of thngs. I know the med laws and also its legal for all to have six plants and such I was wondering about the commercial side of the latest legal/recreational...
  10. CBF

    CCs Katsu Bubba x Ghost OG Grow

    these are not a DR G offerin, i made this cross myself, Katsu X OG Jam
  11. CBF

    Jam on it! V2

    very nice job BM, hopefully one in there ya wanna keep. toked one of the frostier indy dom lookin plants myself fresh off the hang dry, had a very nice up body high, gave me the shakes while trimmin. cant wait to try um all:D had one of those 2 headed monsters out in the field as well. never...
  12. CBF

    Strawberry Cough info

    server fund IC mag in the future, and check TomHill seeds as well in the future. currently workin the OG Jam V3 (Legend OG X OGJam V2), OG Jam V4(Tahoe OG X OGJamV2), OGJamV5 (Triangle Kush X OGJamV2), OGJam F3, BlackToothGrin F3, Trainwreck F3, and Smog(SMG X OGJamV2)
  13. CBF

    Jam on it! V2

  14. CBF

    Jam on it! V2

    outdoor GH, cold temps
  15. CBF

    Jam on it! V2

  16. CBF

    Jam on it! V2

  17. CBF

    Strawberry Cough info

    Hola bro, i cant remember the actual generation of those beans as its been sometime ago i sent those to med. finish time on um is 9wks. good luck with um
  18. CBF

    males from s1 seeds

    ok i got lost ............what are we can select a plant by its seed shape, size and such?? uh the difference in S1 and S2 seed is the genetic make up of the S1 plant used to make the S2. all plants in a Selfed population are single individuasl, surely they will not repro same...
  19. CBF

    The Origins of Strawberry Diesel

    Buckwheat zat you bro????? @canada so happens Rez was doin the strawberry diesel at the same time i was doin the Strawberry Sours(sourD X SCreme) and that was 04/05 CBF
  20. CBF

    The Origins of Strawberry Diesel

    Phffttt..............strawberry diesel is a rezdog creation, some other dude may have very well done the same cross, couldnt come up witha original name and became lame, lol and blah, blah, blah. and i do believe Rezdog is a east coast cat, most likely conn. so if i had to take a best guess...
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