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    Got a question does anybody have a electric car or it smart car that they are getting the PG&E Smart Card discount for I was speaking with somebody yesterday and he told me it was a 40%
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    Grow Room A/C

    Anybody no it the LG 48000 duel split is any good I'm thinking about buying one....
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    10kw Sacramento County

    I pay 2200 a month 8 1000 gavitas pay your bill on time you be om
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    Real Deal 05'gdp?

    Iv got it I've had it for about 10 years.still one of my favorites
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    Seed Order

    Quick they were here within 10 days
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    Thanksgiving Day Sale !

    Fuck yes got mine...
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    Cali Legal!!! Wtf We Do Now

    We need to form together and try to overturn this b*******
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    What's A Way To Get Around Getting Red Flagged At The Electric Company!

    Don't feel bill is 2400 a month with 7 gravita 1000. fucking hate ca.
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    Duds; Is It A Virus?

    do you think it's in the soil cuz I reuse my soil.and I'm stressed out
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    New Drop Of Archive Fire???

    got mine today in Oregon...
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    Dosidos Seeds

    that's the deal.i get the cut i won't and I get a keeper out of the pack of dosidos plus a pack of his seeds...
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    Dosidos Seeds

    I think I'm going to do it.might ask for the white fire 43 instead.if not the shurb well work I grew Harborside sherbert last run hit 2 a light.shit was fire but it didn't get real purple I think it was more key lime pie than anything but if this is the real surb I'm going to do it. I still...
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    Duds; Is It A Virus?

    I got half a room that looks like it dudded I'v never had this problem before with the cuts I normally run but I picked up some cuts from Harborside in Oakland and now I think I have a dudded problem should I yank them remove all the soil and start new or should I just finish them they are on...
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    Dosidos Seeds

    I have the face off bx2 also.shit I just need some good cuts.i have fourm cookies and my own creation skunk cookies it's og raskal white skunk crossed to fourm cookies.
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    Dosidos Seeds

    Yeah I just trying to figure it out I hope it's the real deal
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    Dosidos Seeds

    I'm not trying to trade on this form I have a pack of dosidos and Samoas that I've had for a long time I have somebody that wants them already I just want your opinions if I should make the trade or not he wants to give me the real sherbert and some other stuff for the packs I know the package...
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    Seed Order

    just received my first order from logic thank you for the fast shipping.and love the credit card payment
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    Gavita Lighting Sold To Scotts Miracle-gro For $136 Million

    we need to stand up to company like this and not purchase any of their products i no a lot of people like some of the stuff but they have but come on people we don't want them in our industry
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    Anybody have any experience using this product just ordered a two and a half gallon jug I'm going to start using it today but before I did I want to hear what people's thoughts are on it. Also I'm in Roots organic soil in 4 by 8 Beds.
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    Gavita Sold To Scott's Miracle-gro

    Looks like I'm going to have to stop buying gavitas they sold to Scotts what a bunch of b******* Monsanto is trying to get all tied up in our business
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