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    Mix Rates?

    Cap, I am searching your thread for any info on your bennies (root pack specifically) and pythium. I am about to turnover my ebb and flo that uses expanded clay pellets. -Should I be using hygrozme in the cleaning process since I use root pack with each rez change? -Does it matter if I...
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    Thanksgiving Day Sale !

    Thank you very much Cap! Waited all year and just got a Cheshire grin going since I actually 'membered!
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    Old C-Bay strains..........

    Oooooo Metal Haze!
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    Where To Get Good Deals On Equipment?

    Try Also, Amazon. Stay away from they used to be good but are a scam as long as they're still out there now.
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    Help With Og Bio Brew (formerly Cap's Bennie Tea) And Math

    Hey Cap, Do you feel that advice for 1/3 tsp per gallon applies for ebb and flow buckets using a 55 gal rez or the tea for best result? When in the cycle should it be discontinued? How about when to use or not vegging using ebb and flow as well? I purchased your root pack only per your...
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    New Strains

    Seriously, I am glad to put them into your hands. You are the real deal fars as I can tell. May I be the first to wish you a good grow with them! :fire: bedo
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    New Strains

    The rom x heri is going back to daddy and he is keeping both nutz so all you ladies out there, no worries!! :happy:
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    New Strains

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    New Strains

    PM sent :)
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    New Strains

    Mota sent me test beans back in 2010-2011, can't remember exactly. One of the packs he marked Romulan x Herijuana. I haven't popped them yet and am curious if those beans are related to Indican's? Peace bedo
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    Thanksgiving Day. Just Give 'er!

    Cap, You are seen as a stand up guy in the community, I believe your intentions pure. I thought that before you came back and said you'd see what you could do and I was like YEAHHHHHH!!! lol He is all that!!!! Sincere thanks, it is a terrific surprise and much needed. I am literally in the...
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    Thanksgiving Day. Just Give 'er!

    Seconding that, I continue to check back here to see if Cap extends for us. Please sir?!? May we have another......*chance*??
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    Thanksgiving Day. Just Give 'er!

    Thanks! How long can it expect to remain viable in fridge storage, any idea?
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    Thanksgiving Day. Just Give 'er!

    Can you please confirm if the "gravy" code is gone for this year? I missed it by that much!! If ordering now but could be waiting up to 6 months to put into use, will they remain viable? Keeping in freezer, would that do the trick?
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