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    9 Pound Hammer Tga Genetics

    I saw a test of these 9lb hammers on another forum and 3 out of 5 did hermie early in flower..those kind of hermies will ruin the garden..not just nanners these had nuts in the 3rd week of flower..good luck and keep an eye on them
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    I had broad mites and they left rust spots on my upper leaves..I only saw two mites but I was eat up..I got rid of them with the only thing that works..I used avid and forbid to kill them..ive had two runs since so I may have got lucky...
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    Green Ribbon Bx Line Yields

    Those green ribbon crosses have not been out long enough to finish a grow yet..prbably another 4 to 6 weeks u will see some finished grows
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    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    I too had 6 nice phenos of goji out of 8 seeds pheno shines above them all with a real unique smell and powerfull buzz .that pheno is as good as ive grown and ive had some good smoke over the years
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    outdoor grow up in the mountains 2013

    Ok iii
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    Still Rockin That Orgnkid Banana Og!!!!

    Everybody I know has this cut..ive had it 6 months but im just now flowering her.....
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    The Dreaded Walkthrough

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    What Happened To Ngr???

    [ cream fQUOTE="Tree Guru, post: 1478050, member: 63509"]I received my order of Exotics Cookies n Cream F2's in the mail last Thursday from NGR. Are those cookies n cream f2s..hes not posted that..they need a strain desciption on that site..did u know they were f2 when u purchased them?
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    What Happened To Ngr???

    It was down for two or three days last month....I also heard hes got money problems or problems paying his breeders....sin city was restocking twice a week..their good strains have been sold out for weeks, before it went down there was very few strains available on that site...
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    Curmudgeonland...home Of The Old Farts Club

    I had one for over 25 years and I never had any piece till I got rid of her..I do have a wonderfull 28yr. Old daughter thats worth all the bullshit I had to put up with from her mother
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    Cloning Made Cheap N Easy

    Unless u live in the north pole a heater is never needed on a temps are allways too warm from my pump...
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    Getting Ready For The 2015 Season With Bog, Csi And More

    I had broad mites turn my leaves yellow but the first sign is yellow spots on leaves on the upper nodes of ur plant...I had healthy leaves with yellow places all over them..if u have not taken in any cuts In u should be fine on mites came from the u.s.postal service..I got fire og...
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    Need Your Opinion, 4 Oz Yielder???

    With 2 k im hitting 3lbs. Every 10 weeks not bragging because I know I can get more, I get 3ounces per plant with a 30 day veg..boy your about full of crap if u think that small plant in that picture is going to get 4 ounces...
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    Need Your Opinion, 4 Oz Yielder???

    Unless that plant is vegged more u wont get 1 Ounce .I have 5 footers with large colas and im lucky to get 3 ounces with 2 1000 watters.if ur looking for more weight then u should put 4 plants under a 400watt light..
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    Fans In Genral"noise"

    Those can fans that big make so much noise they will get u busted..I use the new S1 vortex 6inch..the 8 is what u need, its around 6 is just enough to cool two 1000 watt lights in the summer..the main reason I like them is they super quite..I can shut my bedroom door andu cant hear my...
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    fastest and most mold resistant strain

    I grew early pearl in 1986,10 footers that were potent as hell..I dont know about the seeds their selling now..some of the largest colas outside without a speck of mold or mildew
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    Novelty Seeds 2015 !!! Old Stuff

    The th seeds puna butter was a nice grow.real huge colas of good smoke, I dont know if it is truely from puna but it was some killer smoke...nice seeds
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    Franchise Genetics

    His fems have been 5 seeds, the 12 packs are regulers
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    Ipower Rfi Fcc And Cable Company

    I had the cable guy at my house over a solis teck ballast..I switched to the gallaxy 1000watt grow amp..thats the lowest rf interference in the business..ive not had any more visits from the cable man at 9:00 on sunday morning..
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    Collectively Considerate Conversation Containing Cali Connection Content

    I dont know how I did answer is in the qoate..sorry
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