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  1. Chobble

    F2 F3?

    I've emerged from the depths to reply to this. Stabilized "Land Race" breeds, or endemic varieties. Where at one point an F1 variety, they where the first generation. At that point the gene pool was at its broadest, Hybrid vigor had taken place and you should be seeing all the dominant genes...
  2. Chobble

    HTG supply magnetic ballasts?

    Dont go to cheap, buy used hydrofarm ballasts or some other name brand, dont worry about buying new they last forever. I have a couple old magnetic ballasts that use 7 amps as to my hydrofarm ones use 6 [email protected], it adds to your upkeep cost. Just check the amps really.
  3. Chobble

    SF Cannabis Cup

    Just got my passes :) Who else is headed up to SF next month? Always love to meet up and smoke a doob with my favorite growers. Chobble
  4. Chobble

    Army vet new to growing

    Its really pushing it. Back in the day (When I was getting going, before a formal education etc) I attempted a 600w in a 3x3 space. Yield was more like a half pound. What I did was I convereted a bathroom in my home to a small grow room. With two levels. A T5 hood on the bottom level for...
  5. Chobble

    Perpetual Growing, Vegging and Flipping.

    Alright, As some of you may know I've moved indoors. Im working on my game plan for my perpetual, rather then running all of the plants at one time. I have a tighty IPM practice along with a separate but small veg area. As I add an ozonator onto my room, along with a few other new toys (Bigger...
  6. Chobble

    New and Improved

    I may have just came... Sub'd up, I like what you guys are working with. If I go commercial it will definitely be in a manner like this. Chobble
  7. Chobble

    PH levels..

    There are a few types of soil pH test's you can do... The 2:1 (slurry): Get some distilled water, needs to be distilled. I keep a gallon around for clones and the occasional 2:1 test. Get a clean cup of some sort, Nothing to large because you want to get your pH meter in it and reading...
  8. Chobble

    Can someone please tell me wtf is going on with this?

    Its definitely salts. They're coming back for sure, DRENCH that soil run lots and lots of water through the pot. Chobble P.S. That foliar probably had a big part in it too.
  9. Chobble

    Can someone please tell me wtf is going on with this?

    Okay I didnt pay close enough attention to what he said. Advice still applies. Maybe you can recover if you flush your soil silly, and possibly rinse those leaves off? Foliars should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER leave that much residue. Most likely thats what is causing all your problems. * The...
  10. Chobble

    Can someone please tell me wtf is going on with this?

    Honestly, I would kill everything and restart. If your outdoor you have time and if its indoor your not going to get anything worth your time and money. The powdery mildew is a systemic problem that your not going to get rid of. If a leaf has even a touch of PM it pulls away more energy then it...
  11. Chobble

    Foliar Sprayed For The First Time Tonight

    What media are you growing in? The Caps should really do the trick with fungus gnats. Just keep applying weekly until they are gone, a lot of chemical "nukes" arn't very good at getting fungus gnats either.
  12. Chobble

    Dutch Pro Nuts

    Its the same stuff, just with a fancy label. Ie another fancy and expensive hydro store nute. Chobble
  13. Chobble

    Foliar Sprayed For The First Time Tonight

    Fungus gnats are a major nuisance but not the worst pest you can have. They eat organic matter in your soil, and then move onto plant roots. The adults arn't the real problem its the larvae in the soil. On top of your foliar treatment you want to drench your soil heavily with the foliar pack...
  14. Chobble


    My Cut of Girl Scout Cookies, Fresh out of the jar and ready to be smoked. Chobble
  15. Chobble

    Hi from Australia

    Welcome to the farm paul! Prohibition makes growing your own hard, but good luck in your journey mate :) Chobble
  16. Chobble

    Chobbles 2000W Flower Room; Alien OG & Girl Scout Cookies

    Thanks for the love guys :D. About to go for round #2 with double the wattage. Currently have 2kw worth of GSC and am planning the same with the OG. Been upgrading this weekend and will be finished tonight hopefully :D. Sorry for the crappy pics but here's the flower room under construction...
  17. Chobble

    Chobbles 2000W Flower Room; Alien OG & Girl Scout Cookies

    The rooms still kicken, Yields rocked just under a pound per light. Hoping to dial everything in even more as I expand the room. Heres some bud shots of the finished products. Girl Scout Cookies Alien OG Shits some bomb ass dank ass. Anyways I've been really busy, still lurking the...
  18. Chobble

    new choppers?

    I've read through this thread twice now, I would like to chime in on the fact that she may have been trying to convince you to just buy weed from there good ol' fashion dispensary eh? What she said just sounds like a whole load of stinky bull crap to me. Silent helicopters and plant sniffing...
  19. Chobble

    The Good Ol' Nute Pack

    Root Shield is a very popular horticultural product. I know as OG Biowar has grown, certain varieties of beneficial's have disappeared from the label, but I have also seen cap say that all they did was remove it from the label, and that its still in there. And yeah Im pulling my information...
  20. Chobble

    The Good Ol' Nute Pack

    I'm a firm support of Cap's bennies and have been for years, a while ago I remember reading that there where more a few other biological fungicides in the nute pack. Not just the fixers. Does the nute pack still have active ingredients like root shield but off label? All has...
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