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    pure Rif Landrace

    Gutentag FoM :damnhippie: Thank you for the precision Bro' Yours answers are very interesting , if you have more info don't hesitate... Cheerzzz :smiley_joint:
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    pure Rif Landrace

    Heya FoM :bow Interesting diary Bro' , very nice work and healthy plants ! Did your friend say the exact origin of your Marocan Landrace ? Country of Ketama or somewhere else ? I saw a movie on the culture of culture and i was pretty surprised with the visual aspect...really Sativa , i...
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    LQ Garden : Landraces & Elites Clones - CTS,Colombian,Afghanni,Diesel,Haze&some more

    Hello Snowcap :damnhippie: Yeah it's almost what i said , probably a Super Sativa which takes an eternity to flowering...but i have to admit that she's really gorgeous , i'm more worry with the second pheno which begins to have 5-6 pistils after 45 days of flowering , i'm not sure i could...
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    LQ Garden : Landraces & Elites Clones - CTS,Colombian,Afghanni,Diesel,Haze&some more

    :rofl:rofl:rofl Maybe these links can help you to find the rare pearl ?!? RSC : more a collector than a breeder but some amazing strains from all over the world... BSC : Some incredible landraces like columbian gold or manga rosa & others nice hybrids... Don't hesitate to come here...
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    Greetings All!

    Hi :icon_spin: Welcome at the Farm :party0023:
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    LQ Garden : Landraces & Elites Clones - CTS,Colombian,Afghanni,Diesel,Haze&some more

    Hello bigdawg these colombian seeds have been brought by a member of my family who went in this country 3-4 years ago , he collected these seeds in the area of Cali (not the abreviation of California:icon_spin:) near the famous drug cartel of medelin...The germination rate was really poor and i...
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    LQ Garden : Landraces & Elites Clones - CTS,Colombian,Afghanni,Diesel,Haze&some more

    :hi Everyone Some of you have maybe see me lurking around here at the Farm looking from information on good strains or Landraces so i decided to show you what's going on in my garden , some good cuts , some seeds from colombia & some new strains from shanti...Hope you will enjoy it...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Some French Rap :cool0041: :icon_animal26::icon_animal26::icon_animal26:
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    Pure male in s1 seeds?

    Hi:hi You just Choosed the worst seedbank ever :icon_animal26: Hermies with males dominant with feminised seeds lol :no remember the lesson and choose a better seedbank for your next round bro' and maybe avoid too the femenised seeds...Imho
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    What do you see?

    Nice Pictures Bro' , no no you didn't smoke too much me too is see a father who raises his kid :rauch08: If you have others stuff to show , don't hesitate ! Cya
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    cheeseberry haze questions

    Interresting genetic tree CaliKid :damnhippie: Did you write all this or Copy/paste from somewhere ? Thanks in advance Cheers
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    greetings from germany

    Gutentag Randalika :damnhippie: Welcome here mate !!! -LQ-
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    Vote for winner: Photo of the Month - May 2009

    BombBP & his purple rhino got my vote :damnhippie: Beautifull Pix !!! -LQ-
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    Piranha & Tarantula from Advanced Nutrients, 2nd time grow, are they any good?

    Hi Kushmaster :damnhippie: Do you know Mycomaxx from supergrow ?!? A product which substitute very well to those 3 AN products...Tarantula , voodoo juice & piranha.... Supergrow Products Cheerz ++ -LQ-
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    Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

    Hi All :cool0010: Probably the most interesting post on Cannabis nutrition i ever seen... Thanks to you Logic & Grat3fulh3ad :hi: -LQ-
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    This french crazy guy is a real killer !!! his currency is : you have to make whatever to become no matter who (or something like that ,it's hard to translate:anim_10:) i neva see this one...pretty funny :friday: -LQ-
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    Mind Control - Amnesia Haze(Soma Seeds cut) x Pursang Haze

    + 1 mate :friday: a Picture of the Month for sure !!! Really Nice Smoke Report... Thanks to share with us Ocan :nod -LQ-
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    Hi M0lecule :boogie: Be Welcome at this friendly place where the herb is more greener than every other places , i have the same habits that you when i go to bed...the possibilities are simply infinite !!! unfortunately i don't have a ton of seeds maybe some grams but no more lol :wait , a...
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    brown sapp buds

    Do i say something stupid with no link with the subject of the thread :wondering ? Or the autor just fall asleep...?!? :tongue0011: Bye -LQ-
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    ukcheeseheads first seed run with lowlife autos

    hi ukcheesehead :character0103: Just wanna take a chair & see what's gonna happened when boris and dave will drop their pollen on these elegant ladies , so the cross planned are blueberry kush x white russian...Pretty interesting Job mate Hurry to see the beans :banana: Cheers & Good...
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