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    Had the flu 2 weeks Any help needed let me know Hb
  2. hiboy


    Jumping for joy I got a question I remember 10 years ago there would be so many questions I couldn't keep up I'm trying to figure out what happened You should be fine doing the way your picture shows the only thing that triggers inside that light controller is a contactor and those can be shut...
  3. hiboy

    Your Growing Secrets

    Double check your room- rooms before u leave for the day Can't tell ya how many times there has been an issue due to running out the door Hb
  4. hiboy

    Do I Absolutely Need Carbon Filters For This Situation?

    You're going to need CO2 You shouldn't need your carbon filters until week three or four in flower
  5. hiboy

    Taco Leaf???

    It's your room temperature/humidity that is making the plants not be able to transpire and breathe
  6. hiboy

    Too Much Oxygen?

    They can I have too much CO2 but not fresh air
  7. hiboy

    Anyone Know How To Solve This One??

    Bomb the room with Beethoven or pitithium lights off
  8. hiboy

    Love My New Cloner

    Cloners are super easy I was having trouble with our cubes at the new spot so I went to the cloner and got a 99% rate Did you have the dome on and your pH should be 5.5 It should be about 75 to 80 in the room Your light should be about 2 feet away with just one or two bulbs fluorescents...
  9. hiboy

    Love My New Cloner

    Eight days that's amazing either you have a good strain or are you got a green thumb Hb
  10. hiboy

    House Ac Problems

    Is your house insulated Do you have single pane windows Try getting your house cool without that 8" fan on See what happens Your temps are too cold in your basement Better results at 78 Hb
  11. hiboy

    I Have A Big Ph Problem.

    Adding your nutes alone should lower your ph a tick or two Hb
  12. hiboy

    Led Veg Room Setup

    Unnecessary Hb
  13. hiboy

    Does Anyone Know If The Helios 15 Lighting Controller Has A Fuse Inside?

    99.9% sure no When u plug the trigger wire in do you hear a pop from the contactors turning on Yes you can replace the contractors but I probably wouldn't I would just buy whole new unit Are you sure your wires that go to the contactors are plugged in and the breakers on Hb
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    Lighting For 8' By 9' Veg Room

    Any metal halide light needs to be at least 24 inches away from the tops of your veg plants so you cannot use those for sure
  15. hiboy

    240v 4 Prong Cord

    Your ballast picture looks like a three prong it's kind of fuzzy normally you don't have a 4 prong probably 240 so you don't need a neutral they are 240 V only or 120 V only not 120/240 V Hb
  16. hiboy

    5gal Pot Drainage

    Either works Tables draining into buckets are easy if u have the height Hb
  17. hiboy

    **10.5 X 10.5 Flowering Room**

    You could do a 4 x 8 table but the lights you have media conditioning so instead of buying new lights I would save it for an ac Hb
  18. hiboy

    Eagle Claw In Plants

    You have multiple things going on so you want to get back to the basics Only water once a day that's the first thing Hopefully you sprayed your chemicals with the lights off You need to flush a few times Then start off your nutrients with only base fertilizer about 50% of recommended If you...
  19. hiboy

    Fan Leaves Tips Pointing Down, Is That Bad?

    Definitely flush and it might also be just too much nutrients so yes Flush flush flush
  20. hiboy

    Grow Shed Ventilation/cooling

    Co2 also lets u run a higher temp also Hb
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