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    York split ac/heat pump for 2k

    Why not mini-split? Multi head if needed. Inverter compressor is the way.
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    New room build.. Mold/Mildew on walls???

    What they said. I'd wear a respirator with kilz. And ventilation.
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    Central AC question

    Typical residential a/c units will have a 18-20° split. Split = difference in return and supply air as measured at the airhandler. Higher temps and relative humidity being drawn in will effect the supply temp. Higher humidity will diminish the sensible btu output (actually drop temp.) and use...
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    Soma style box

    Growmaster has some nice soma style grow beds that might be of intrest. Here is 1 he did for a friend in a tent. And his grow diary..which got me interested in the bed...
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    DIY Mini Split A/C Install Help Thread

    Yes HG23 is right stay away from sealants. Generally if they are used its for a system that is on its last leg. The key to compression fittings is to keep your connections square and no tension. I use a little vacuum pump oil on the male fittings and tighten snug and add 1/16 turn. Don't over...
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    choosing and AC for a 10 lighter, i thought mini splits were expensive but theyre not

    These are industry standards. Not knowing Excel units (they are Goodman mfg. products which i'm familiar with.) Excel equips the evaporator and condenser with quick connects and makes up line sets with quick connects, pre charges line sets with correct amount of refrigerant according to length...
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    new idea think it could work to our benefit Topsy turvey..
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    bubba x blue moonshine?

    2 seed germinated, lost 1 had to move in cold weather. 20 days. edit: meant 2 of 2 germinated 100%.
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    IR bust near me, should I be worried?

    Looks like an attic setup, it seems like that would be the hardest to disguise if it is in the attic. I don't know if that is the case in this situation.Just guessin.
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    I have a electrical problem in a grow room, plus other room has no electricity?ReadOn

    Your in over your knowledge and electrical isn't the place to make mistakes, clean and get some professional help' In the future run a dedicated circuit for your room. Don't risk burning the house down. Good luck and be safe.
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    My journey to the MPB Universe!

    Actually the most common thing i hear from mini-split installs is the wiring. Read the install manual carefully these things use the power wires for communication and have specific wire size and types listed . Have seen the wire reversed in a junction box, can be a real pain to trouble shoot...
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    My journey to the MPB Universe!

    Your right, after connecting the line set your vacuuming the evaporator and line set. You can hook both sides up to vacuum it is faster but not necessary. When vacuum is stable it's recommended to break the low side (gas or suction side blue gauge) first before opening the high side (liquid...
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    My journey to the MPB Universe!

    Nitrogen won't be necessary if you are leak free, so hopefully you won't need it. If you have vacuum pump oil it helps to put a small amout on the threads of your fittings before tightening. On any set of gauges your looking at the blue gauge you will be looking at 0. Below 0 is inches in...
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    My journey to the MPB Universe!

    That adaptor in the link is what you want if you already have gauges. Vacuum is what you will be looking for you will have no use for the pressures unless experienced with a/c service. With 410a it is critical to have a dry system before releasing pressure.The oil is hydroscopic and moisture is...
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    Mini Split A/C - DoubleD Help Please!

    You will need the hole through the wall for the lineset and drain what ever material you will be going through will determine that, 3" i believe. Manifold with guage for pulling the vac. cheap pump and oil for it (ebay).I pressure up lines with nitrogen to check fittings before vac..You can...
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    Mini Split A/C - DoubleD Help Please!

    You will need the vacumn pump for sure, pull a good vac. on the line set. A drop of vac. oil on the threads of the flare connections before tightning is what old timers do.
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    Looking !!!!!!

    Her is 1
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    Upstairs or basement? Which is better for odor?

    Buy a good carbon scrubber and fan and grow in basement (wish we had basements)
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    question about light fan size

    Inline axial fans can not overcome the static pressure, such as long duct runs bends etc. your light hood also adds static to the equation. Vortex does good with static that is why its good for filter lights etc.:rauch08:
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    2 speed in line duct extractor fan

    There are at least 2 electricians on the board, Johnnyballbag and fear we need them to proceed any furthur for safety reasons. Lets try and get 1 in this thread, i'll see if i can point 1 in this direction. edit: i have pm'd johnny with link to here i think it best to give him time to...
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