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    whos into car audio? and what you got

    I am not too big on total loudness, more about the SQ. I built the box to specifications and dropped in 2 Diamond Audio d612d2's. Powered by a D5 1200.1 Monoblock. Shit sounds great at the levels I keep it at....if I wanna show off I can make people exit the hurts....
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    NFL Pre Season Smack Talk Thread

    Jags > Dolphins Lets see this revamped o line and revamped d line. Lots of new guys on d and lots of new receivers. Can't wait to see what happens. Gotta pull for my home team haha
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    Old pothead / New pot head ?

    Welcome my friend and enjoy your stay. You will def. find amazing strains here on the farm.
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    Which online grow shop do you prefer?

    HTG supply is great.
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    San Diegans watch this Vid. We have to remove this D.A.

    What a wench I would like to give her a piece of my mind.
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    Ron Paul speaks out about marijuana

    I'd vote for him... he is at least his own person and not a puppet like Obama or Bush. Plus, he has some very valid points.
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    Digital PH pens

    Usually us soil growers test the runoff immediately after it comes out the bottom for the pH of the soil.
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    What is the deal ?

    Sannie thanks for all you do brotha!
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    hr's SSSDH x Jack Herrer #22 test grow

    These are growing very similar to my Karmas Jack. Good to see that the genetics are stable and consistent. Great work my friend and a big thank you to Karma for lettin people test his awesome genetics.
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    Drying Giesel and Urkel

    Fuckin awesome nugs bro. Looks so damn tasty, mmmmm GREAT WORK.
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    Bubba kush x master kush day 44

    beautiful garden whats the setup
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    suggestion on seeds

    In my opinion Autoflowering strains are garbage like Texas said. They usually yield like crap and they aren't much easier to grow. Sure you never have to use a timer but cmon now, a timer is automatic so we are not talkin any extra work just a matter of changing the light cycle to 12/12 to...
  13. U GRRR!

    I would stay away from them. They are known for having poor customer service and bad shipping rates. Not to mention if they are gonna jeopardize your security, than you should look elsewhere.
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    NFL Pre Season Smack Talk Thread

    Alright yall may know your shit but......... David Gerrard is not a G. He had one good season and got a big contract and that was the dumbest thing we ever did BESIDES draft Byron Leftwich. Also, MJD is a solid back, period. To say he isn't is ridiculous. Last year he was our starting...
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    Flowering WonderWoman

    Best way to tell when to harvest is to get a 30x magnification device (pocket microscope, a high end macro lense camera, 30x magnifying glass, ect) and look at the trichomes on the buds and frosty leaves. Usually you want some amber trichs along with cloudy white trichs. Your prob gonna go at...
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    hr's SSSDH x Jack Herrer #22 test grow

    My suggestion is to try some LST on them when they get about 4 node sets. I got two plants growing normal and one LST'd and they are the same strain. Let me tell ya, I wish I would have LST'd them all. The side branches take off and its like you have 6 plants growing off of your original stalk.
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    NFL Pre Season Smack Talk Thread

    Andre Johnson is good but your forgetting Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. Vikings are gonna be nasty, or they should be anyway, as long as they don't pick up Favre that is. Go Jags (and even the jags beat the packers in the snow =/ what does that tell ya?)
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    Should marijuana be decriminalized?

    Your link is just to the homepage of cnn....
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    NFL Pre Season Smack Talk Thread

    Sigh.....go jaguars...
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    Karma's Jack @ 43 days from Germination, 4 plants (video)

    :joint: Great stuff man, those plants look beautiful. I started my 12/12 cycle on 7/21. They are really takin off and I got pistils shootin out all over on three of my plants. One of them ended up being a male. Gotta agree with you that these are some powerful genetics :cool0010:
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