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  1. Mr. Molecule

    Any help will help me

    Just don't overwater! This is the #1 newbie mistake by far. It's way better to wait a day or two when you're unsure of whether you should water because you watered the day before or whatever. Feel the pot's weight frequently—right after you water, and in the middle of the cycle, and when you...
  2. Mr. Molecule

    What is happening to my sprouting plants

    It does sound like overwatering combined with too strong a light for early growth (which will shock them). You're going to be much better off taking the lessons learned here in this thread and starting over. Cannabis is very sensitive to problems that occur in early stages, especially in the...
  3. Mr. Molecule

    Millions and millions of Thrips in Winter!!!

    Weird. Are they acclimated to freezing-cold temps? Normally temps like that will kill insects, no?
  4. Mr. Molecule

    To water or not to water? Please help!

    I think he means "be careful about adopting a watering philosophy that is too cavalier about watering a lot" because that road also leads to other equally lethal problems like root rot and osmotic drowning.
  5. Mr. Molecule

    Please help with plant diagnosis!

    The sodium lighting makes it impossible to gauge color, but I'd say it looks like calcium or magnesium deficiency. Are they kind of pale green? Assuming that they're pale, it sort of looks like an all-around nutrient deficiency (deficient on everything). If you flushed to 400 ppm but then...
  6. Mr. Molecule

    Hello and Help!

    Right off the bat that sounds like too low pH, that is probably what did it. Looks like Ca and/or Mg are getting locked out. I've never grown in Sunshine Advanced Mix 4 but I assume it's like ProMix, and mostly peat. Peat is by nature acidic, so the last thing you'd want to do in a peat-based...
  7. Mr. Molecule

    Should I start over completely?

    Hey guy, I have never grown autos myself, and I've heard they're picky about not liking a lot of nutes... however, 35 years of growing experience (plus your statement that you're only giving 670 ppm) tells me via the photo that that plant is just straight-up hungry. It's in the stage where it...
  8. Mr. Molecule

    Help! Does this look like mildew?

    Not really. I wouldn't rule out bud rot, but it's very hard to tell from that photo. Powdery mildew is dusty and fragile, looks like a dusting of fine flour. Whatever that is looks like it's dense and sticky, but again, it's tough to really tell from that photo. (it almost looks like a cluster...
  9. Mr. Molecule

    Ammonia smell in Happy Frog soil

    This was like 13 years ago, but the one and only time I bought Happy Frog instead of Ocean Forest, I bought like 15 bags (this was back when I was growing for a living) and as soon as I started cracking bags open, a noxious ammonia stink was very apparent. I took it as evidence that FoxFarm was...
  10. Mr. Molecule

    Amnesia Haze problem during flowering.

    They look about right. Pistils turn red and die at different times and rates, not all at exactly the same time on a whole plant. If the information says you have 4 weeks to go (three actually, as I'm posting this a week after your last post), then just let them go the remaining weeks. They're...
  11. Mr. Molecule

    what size pot do you guys use for your autoflowers ?

    150W of light is extremely weak, my friend... unless your grow space is like 1'x1'! How big is your space? If it's 3' x 3' or 4' x 4' you should be running at least a 400-450W real power draw LED light.
  12. Mr. Molecule

    Still burp everyday or no?

    I didn't read this thread in its entirety, but I read a lot of it and didn't see one thing mentioned that is important: It's not just mold you're avoiding, which can be visible if it's really bad. Even invisible anaerobic bacteria can ruin the bud. That's the one that makes it smell like a...
  13. Mr. Molecule

    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    Also wanted to respond to something from earlier in the thread: lemons said: can someone lay down some history on NDNguy and Jojo? From what stank said and bodhi says in interviews they sound like cool people, I’m curious what other cultivars they’ve had a hand in making and/or getting around...
  14. Mr. Molecule

    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    Hey everyone. Does anyone have any photos of Strawberry Goji in flower? I just ordered some seeds for that variety based on the limited info available and my intuition, and would love to have a small preview of what's in store.
  15. Mr. Molecule

    Day 48 of my first indoor

    Looking pretty decent, though it seems they should be larger for a month and a half of veg, but hey... a nice start. They're probably just about to explode into full-on veg growth. One thing I'd say is get in the habit of cleaning up the dead leaves that fall on the soil surface. That's basic...
  16. Mr. Molecule

    Large heat mats in a tent grow?

    Hey all, I'm a former professional medical cultivator and I'm going to be setting up a 4'x4' tent in my garage in about a week to grow (for personal) for the first time in 3 years. It's killing me to pay dispensary prices and then on top of that injury, not get the kind of quality I got used to...
  17. Mr. Molecule

    Any Members In Bangkok?

    That depends on the level of spendiness you want to have, especially with regard to hotels. That variable is a big one. Some people like to go cheaper on the hotels to give them more $ for the food, and others vice versa. On this particular trip I'm not in the mood to go cheap on either one...
  18. Mr. Molecule

    Any Members In Bangkok?

    Thanks for the tip.
  19. Mr. Molecule

    Any Members In Bangkok?

    Well gravekat, you certainly have your priorities straight with that! The food is the ultimate reason to be there. Very brave of you too to be willing to try everything no matter what. I love many things in Thai food and have been eating Thai food since about 1982, but despite that, not only am...
  20. Mr. Molecule

    Any Members In Bangkok?

    Well how can I deny that nice request? I won't be doing video because I simply don't have the charisma of all these ridiculous narcissistic YouTube stars, but I was actually planning on taking many good photos as this will be the first time I will have a good higher-megapixel camera capable of...
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