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  1. J

    Old School Strains You Want To See More Of

    Damn that looks good! Those genetics should be growing over here on the east coast too. You know for safety!
  2. J

    Anyone In Boston Still Smell Molasses

    Come on... That place is for tourists! If you like a fresh cannoli, the only place in town is Modern Pastery.
  3. J

    600 Watt Hps Grow ..

    I think a g per watt is a good goal. If you dont make it this time you can try again! I have a similar 600 w setup and I'm setting 1g/watt as my goal too.. It is possable
  4. J

    Anyone In Boston Still Smell Molasses

    I've got a whiff of molasses on a hot summer night in the North End before... Could have been Bovas making deserts now that I think of it!
  5. J

    24 Plants 600 Hps In A 3x3 Tent

    Sooo where's the rest of the diary? Did everything just die or something?
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