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    microscope camera
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    microscope camera

    cool microscope camera, it would be great for some good tricome shots!....also lots of other crazy stuff on this site!
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    Junyard 6$ 250 HPS !!!!

    oh damn thats scary! did that even fire the bulb? i hope your house is still in one piece
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    Ghost Pepper(Bhut Jolokia) + Chocolate Habenero(Congo Black)

    my huuuge habanero plant....this thing is almost 3 feet tall and has thousands of blossoms on it just picked all the orange ones off of it but i will try to get a shot with fruit on it once more ripen up. planted in roots organics soil and used great white and fox farms organic nutes
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    behind the scenes of prop 19, interesting article

    right!? lol darth vader... kinda scary to know monsanto is actually involved. next on the line up is round up ready blue dream and un cloneable green crack! i sure hope thats not the direction we are headed
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    behind the scenes of prop 19, interesting article
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    thank you!

    just seeing this made me smile, may be no posts yet but the farm really has me leaning towards a switch to UC soon, thanks UC guys lets see some eye candy!
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    need help caterpillar eating my girl!!!

    sounds like loopers, get some safer or if you are organic get Monterey Bug Spray with spinosad
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    yeah havnt had to re apply since!
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    hey moodster sorry i couldnt respond to your PM because i am a newbie too lol but as far as the PM i used 2ml of penetrator and 2ml of liquid light to 1 qt of water and sprayed them mid day to give them enough time to completely dry out before dark. good luck man that stuff is a pain in the ass...
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    need to make some thc lotion

    thanks to everyone who replied, great info! i used olive oil this round and mixed it with lotion, next trimmings i am going to try the salve and maybe i will make a DIY for it. topicals really do a good job of helping my back/shoulder pain for me without clouding my head
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    HumboldtLocals Outdoor 2010

    you never fail to amaze every single person on this sight humboldtlocal! keep up the good work you are an inspiration to a lot of us. are you going to be vending to any dispensaries in the bay area?
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    zone and penetrator

    used it 4 weeks ago for PM, applied 4x a week for 2 weeks and havnt had any PM problems since, also noticed the small spider mite issue went away at the same time but i dont know if it was due to the dutchmasters
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    Smart pots ????

    looks dank but over fed in some of the pics
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    **prop215 cali outdoor 2010 grow**

    SB805 you have that thc gold as well i see! that stuff put me on my ass the first time i bought it! what did you think of the product?
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    Please tell me about CORN

    i grew up in your area, walk the beaches and find a landslide, landslides happen due to moisture and there is usually a creek running through the slide, hike up the slide plant your girls along side the creek and dont forget to feed them!
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    omni enviro??

    i had a guy trying to sell me one of these units at the last hemp convention i was at and he was making some pretty strong claims of 10-33% yield increases when using this unit. just wondering if anybody on this site has ever tested it or not? pretty outrageous price tag on it...
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    using 4x4 ebb and flo as reservoir for dwc

    i have a few 4x4 ebb and flo tables laying around and i am thinking of using some 1/2 inch plexiglass as a lid, painting it black, cutting 8 holes?? for netpots and turning them into dwc units with airstones and sprayers inside the resevoir. has anybody tried this setup?
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    What a medical grow SHOULD look like...

    hey cannagirl i think i talked to you on GK before how you been?!
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