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    what up homeboy, hope all is well. PEACE

    what up homeboy, hope all is well. PEACE
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    The lab of jaws!!

    Thanks JAWS!
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    The lab of jaws!!

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    The lab of jaws!!

    more White Diesel
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    The lab of jaws!!

    JAWS White Diesel 47 days old
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    The lab of jaws!!

    Sounds like a great project there my friend. I can't put my finger on that USB cable at the moment but I have another camera at my sister's house and I'm on my way there now. I will post a few pics of her 2morrow at 47 days, til then PEACE.
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    The lab of jaws!!

    No problem bro, just let me find my USB cable for my camera. Oh by the way, those King's Kross F2's were some great meds, purple & potent.
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    The lab of jaws!!

    Hey Jaws, what's good. Sorry bout the timers dude. Sure the WHITE run will be major, I have your White Diesel at 46 days and she is a BEAST, thanks bro.
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    Reserva Privada OG Kush not OG?

    What's good GanjaFarmer, sorry to hear about your results man. I finished up some OG Kush, OG #18, Cataract Kush{OG x LA CON}, and their Sour Kush{SourD x OG} a couple months back and had good results. Also ran their Cole Train . The Sour Kush was the stinkiest by far and the high was great...
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    DR CANDYMAN is coming to CALI!!!

    What's up big guy, hope you find everything you're looking for. Be safe. PEACE Doc! p.s. a 60 day cure on your Twisteder Purple OG makes mi familia do cartwheels.
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    Sm-90 and Hygrozyme

    New Car smell huh? Hey Socks, do you just mix the Hygrozyme with water and start cleaning or do you use it straight? My car smells like 3 happy Pitbulls:party0042: Thanks.
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    Sour Cali-Achilles. (e32 trainwreck X sour D)

    rare huh? I'd better get going then! What's up, I've had these in the fridge for about 8 years now, Swan Song Seeds originals, guess I'll crack 'em, and see what comes of it:pimp: Can you tell us more about the two phenos Guano chose, like what to look for. I know of at least 3 friends who...
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    Og raskal variouspics

    Nice indeed! I'd like to see how those Fire Aliens turn out for ya, my Fire Bubblegums were the 'truth'. Peace
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    2010 Candyland Cross Survey-Create a strain!!!

    S'up big homie, I need that narcotic effect of Afgooey X Afgooey/Blue Moonshine also need some LA Pure Kush x Tahoe or LA Pure Kush x Banana Bomb. --PEACE
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    Can some one help identify these beans? (elite)

    Sup man, here's what I can tell you, the first list of beans are mostly Mota crosses. I've grown the; Blue Dog{from Brothel Bros.} x Elite's Lemon Thai. didn't find anything worthy Great White Shark F2's (they might be from Greenhouse). good smoke, yield Legends Ultimate...
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    list your candy-man gear

    Just finished up some a few of his creations, mine were free too, good looking out playboy. Orange Larry 1{larry og bx1 x agent orange} Twisteder Purple OG{twisted purple og x krpto og bx1} General Orange{velvet revolver/heri x orange bubba mist} I think I listed the genetics right...
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    Dr.Candyman...So what do you have growing

    It's just good to know you're out of the 'bing' and back on the Farm playboy, be safe. Peace.
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    Strains i use to have that i wish i still had

    Glad to have you back on the block playboy!!!! I was wondering what happened. I've got some Larry#1 in flower (m&f), I'll dust a couple girls and then they are yours. Plus I've got a ton of old seeds from Heaven's Stairway days, they're yours too, just holla. PEACE
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    OG fire x blue moonshine report

    Sounds good man. Did you keep clones or make seeds of her? Peace
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    OG fire x blue moonshine report

    Sounds good OrganicKat, I've currently got Fire x Bubblegum(2 very diff phenos), White x Bubblegum(very stinky) and Fire x Whites(babies) all in veg now. How much stretch did you get? How many phenos? Luv to see the pics! PEACE.
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