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    Stop Eat! Fish, Meat, Egg, Milk, Veggies all polluted

    Be sure to watch Food Inc..... It'll scare the shite out of you.....
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    the name game........

    Romuloid- Romulan/Opioid Super Nova Red Matter Green Matter Anti-Matter Morpheus- Greek god of dreams, where the name Morphine comes from Warp Drive Photon torpedo Dreadnought Trilithium Resin Disruptor I like the sound of Rom-u-loid ..... What do you guys think???? Some other...
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    the name game........

    Romuloid- Romulan/Opioid Super Nova Red Matter Anti-Matter Morpheus- Greek god of dreams, where the name Morphine comes from Warp Drive Photon torpedo Dreadnought Trilithium Resin Disruptor
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    60 day tahoe,larry,whitefire pheno 1,original sour diesel

    Venom are you + your original sour Diesel, is THE original Sour D or is it the Schroomy diesel, as I think I recall you first saying it was the original diesel????? I just got the schroomy diesel, and I'm definitely excited to try her out, just curious to know what to expect. That nug sure does...
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    Fire og,Tahoe og,Larry og,HA og,SFV og,White Fire,DUD,Original Sour Diesel

    Everything looks so beautiful venom!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all gorgeous!!!!!! That Whitefire#3 looks like a gem brother!!!!!!! You sure know how to make the ladies happy brother.......cause it shows!!!!!!! Friggin gorgeous!!!!!!
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    RIP Jack Herer (1939-2010)

    Bumpin it up for the hemperor!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    VERTICAL 18 bucket RDWC, 1 hp chiller, aqua flakes, KALI KUSH and JACK HERER

    Those small brown necrotic patches on your leaves, correlate to a deficiency. Make sure your water temps are no colder than 68 degress fahrenheit and test your source water as well, as you might need to go RO. My best guess is some elements within the make up of your source water is interfering...
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    RIP Jack Herer (1939-2010)

    My heart goes out to all those that are pained by Jack's passing....... Take solace in the fact that his message and spirit shall live on in the hearts and minds of our community for countless generations to come. LONG LIVE THE HEMPEROR JACK HERER!!!!
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    Motarebel Genetics is back..........

    Mota please tell me some good news ;) Mota do you plan on releasing any pure G13/HP, or Grendel?????? I would almost kill for a few packs of grendel. It was some of the most effective medicine I tried in a long time. It totally stopped my CPH flares. For perspective I would gladly give up a...
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    The real magical additive, Ascophyllum Nodosum

    Kelp meal/powder is the bomb, as is cold-processed, enzymatically digested liquid kelp concentrates. I have the spot for all your organic needs especially top notch kelp meal for bottom dollar pricing.... Here is the link for peaceful Valley farm & garden supply................................ A...
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    OJD's ******* warning involving Ripz

    I feel the same way........ It's shameful..... Some folks have no honor.
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    GDP x Skunk (IBL).....Grape Candy anyone

    Are those the HTC skunk IBL x Grape Ape that Subrob did?????? I use my HTC Skunk IBL males as studs for breeding projects, and they always create pure dank. I love the rotten meat baby poo funkiness that the HTC Skunk IBL possesses. It is my favorite strain for choosing male studs. All of my...
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    13 dawgz arrived at the farm

    Just 1 more pack left fella's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They sure went quick!!!!! From 30 down to 1 in no time really.............. Enjoy you 13 dawgs everyone!!!!!
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    Motarebel Genetics is back..........

    Awesome to see you back Mota!!!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on some of your new gear!!! The Rocky Mountain High and Redneck Koosh sound real nice!!!!!! I'm curious if your intending on doing any pure G13/HP's, or any more Grendel as either of those would be a dream come true for me, the...
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    Strains originating in Colorado

    I stand corrected :fighting0085: ... Lime green skunk it is!! I'm bad with new names; the FL transplant I am, :itwasntme lemon grass skunk :itwasntme ...... I'm gonna have to see what I can do with her!!!
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    New (old skool) Breeder in SoCal - Hey, Everybody!!!

    Welcome to the farm Brother!!!!!! Welcome brother Bear!!!!!!! Your intro was great, and I'm glad to see your working with heirloom genetics from the past; that is a great contribution to our community!!! I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors, and I'm sure you feel right at home on the...
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    Is the bubblegum scent unique to bubblegum strains?

    Nutrients and all other environmental factors certainly play a major role in the final outcome of the flavors, colors, aromas, and overall appearance of your nugs. It's kind of another facet of the whole nature vs. nurture thing...... The genetic predisposition of a particular Genotype + the...
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    Test your General Knowledge about Cannabis

    I was just saying that I think G13 stands for Greenhouse thirteen. At least that was the first explanation I heard that makes any sense to me. Genetically engineered herb from the 60's doesn't seem plausible....The 70's maybe, but '77 is considered the "Dawn" of modern Genetic Engineering &...
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    Is the bubblegum scent unique to bubblegum strains?

    Not necessarily brother...... The genes and the genetic combination thereof, that are responsible for bubble gum like terpines and terpenoids are not always found exclusively in Bubble Gum strains. Considering the Original Logan County Bubble Gum clone is reputed to be bred from Big Bud,skunk...
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    the best jack herer

    I fully concur brother!!!!!!!
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