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    Boomer's Ocean Grown 5k watt ScrOG Lab w/ c02

    100 dimes invested and you couldn't spend another $20 bucks on a table, and consider that saving money.. OK.. Again to each his own.. Rims on the bucket
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    Boomer's Ocean Grown 5k watt ScrOG Lab w/ c02

    Sweet setup brother.. Funny all the cheese you've invested in your operation and your using concrete blocks for a table and still a humidity dome.. But to each his own.. Keep up the good work
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    Las Vegas Collectives

    FYI not all clubs were raided and some are still doing business as usual.. Ps: No real smoker would even walk in the doors to a place charging what they charged..
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    Pineapple Express#1

    Looks nothing like the g13 PE I recently smoked
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    Pineapple Express#2

    Where you get express #2 from ?
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    My other Hobbys

    I see a gsxr in your future
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    Fire OG

    Pink weed sounds like the ladys would go crazy 4 that
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    Slh from greenhouse seed company :)

    Looks great.. i got some that should arrive any day
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    C99 outdoor grow one plant doing great!

    Good herb. What breeder you got
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    Og raskal variouspics

    Frosty freeze ! Looks just as good
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    Another noob

    Just trying to step my post game up Shaq style.. Hello all
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