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  1. CheechWizard

    Met 52 stops Root Aphids

    Has anyone tried PFR-97 yet? Might be worth grabbing. I see it's registered for food crops...
  2. CheechWizard

    Met 52 stops Root Aphids

    A little reluctant to get into the details of how I got it. Your right its still in testing. I don't work for them or anything. Just like you guys, trying to figure out a way to get rid of these nasty bugs without chemicals.
  3. CheechWizard

    Met 52 stops Root Aphids

    Thanks resinable. They said the lower dose is working great. 40oz/100gal.
  4. CheechWizard

    Met 52 stops Root Aphids

    Strange nothing on the bottle. I'll call and get the dosage.
  5. CheechWizard

    Met 52 stops Root Aphids

    Met52 EC liquid Hi, Great thread. Just got some of the Met52 EC liquid to test out. I'll post up the results for everyone to see in the next few days. This could be an awesome product if you can't integrate the granular met52 into the soil. The one liter bottle came overnight air with an...
  6. CheechWizard

    ommp plant limits.

    Should be the same indoor or out and a mature plant = any plant over 1 ft. x 1 ft. in size.
  7. CheechWizard

    custom soiless mix in greenhouse

    I'm guessing you will probably do very well with the coco bricks possibly better than peat. Soaking the coir is not that bad on a large scale, but you could get a wood chipper to speed things up. We are on the same mission and I think it's somewhat uncharted territory. Everyone around me...
  8. CheechWizard

    What strains do you grow outdoors in oregon?

    I think you could do really well with a good shiskaberry or williams wonder cut. and I've seen some amazing results with a purple widow. All were pretty quick, which is good for Oregon's short growing season. Good luck with your crop and keep us posted with pictures:)
  9. CheechWizard

    What you dont know about Facebook

    Actually FB had decent privacy when they started out. They kept changing the TOS till by '09. it went pretty much down hill. Besides who needs FB when you got THCF and others here you can be pretty much anonymous. The electronic freedom foundation has a nice write up: Facebook's Eroding...
  10. CheechWizard

    Plant protein hydrolysates

    Hi I've used Phytamin 3-3-2 with good success.
  11. CheechWizard

    GiT Ur N3RD On ThrEAd

    Yes it should work with both formats. I use it for PSD and PDF aswell. Also make sure to make a copy of your files it's setup to over-write.
  12. CheechWizard

    GiT Ur N3RD On ThrEAd

    Seamaiden: Yes from the terminal. You need the imagemagick package installed but its pretty common in most distributions. You can also make it work with other file formats by changing the first two instances of ".JPG"
  13. CheechWizard

    GiT Ur N3RD On ThrEAd

    Shrink and nuke your digital photos before you upload them to the forum. All from the command line. find . -type f -name '*.JPG' | while read filename; do echo "shrinking and nuking ganja photos: ${filename}"; convert -resize 50% -strip -channel rgba -alpha on -colorspace rgb +profile '*'...
  14. CheechWizard

    R/O water iscussion

    Curious how that would work with the back flush the RO's do. Would it run some of the calcium out of the waste line? Or would it be installed as a standalone post filter or something. Interesting idea, let us know how it goes.
  15. CheechWizard

    300 gallon smart pot grow(Need advice)

    I think you can re-use the soil many years if your treat it proper. Amend it. Add things like kelp, compost, worm, guano, green sand, glacial rock, etc. If it gets to dense add coir, peat, perlite. PH is dolomite lime, sulfur. Possibly cover crop it? Soil test will help with what to adjust.
  16. CheechWizard

    Fencing individual plants???

    Is that for above or below ground? Why I ask is it looks like it would make a mean gopher cage for below ground. My feeling is that the squirrels and deer would ninja over it but is sounds like your going to go 360. Should be perfect. I cut mine with tin snips ok but if you have a mountain...
  17. CheechWizard

    How Many Farmers Trim Their Bud Wet.........

    I've always liked the end result a little better when its trimmed dry. Slight, but noticeable. I've heard the theory that you damage the crystals less with wet trim but it just didn't look/smell as dank. Something to do with screen drying or the way scissors hit wet herb. Same as my trim...
  18. CheechWizard

    Age Old Organics

    Good old, age old... luv the stuff. Old stand by(buy). Been using it for years. You can't beat the price either. :) Good point, lol... A few friends heard that the AO Grow had urea in it. They run a store and buy a ton of AO. So they called them and on the phone they were told it did...
  19. CheechWizard

    New Black Pro Series Under Currents.

    It was the vegas expo.
  20. CheechWizard

    Kush Time

    Amazing... I had to grab my sunglasses because I was being blinded by your sparkling bud shots... :) Awesome looking kush. You got my POTM nomination! HellMutt: Great 'smoke report'. Wish I hadn't missed the smoke out! Leadsled is the U2 Kush your creation?
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