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    300 gallon smart pot grow(Need advice)

    looking great should have some great yields
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    **prop215 cali outdoor 2010 grow**

    Great pics those bitches are swelling nicely. would love some outdoor blueberry. great strains
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    looks great for first grow
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    Still MASHIN' - Under Current 12XLs, Flip-Flop, '91 Chem

    excerllent roots for 5 days old
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    About time to harvest my Onyx autoflower? Trichome madness! Good Pics!!

    great first grow and excerllent results for an auto
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    What a medical grow SHOULD look like...

    looking sweet those ladies pilling on the pounds
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    UC 13XXL...and we're off to the races!!

    rooms looking great tk think you going to have a bigger yield as better spacing. good luck
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    Air cooled hoods vs. wing reflectors

    vented hoods every time
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    Has anyone tried the 300-600w LED Lights?

    the herbalizor is doing a thread using 345w board on the led thread, equiverlent to 1000w hps using scrogg. have a look at that but in imo they are ok for small grows but tech not quite there yetand to expensive.
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    Ozonator Air Purifier

    i have used a similar one and they are ok, it smells a bit like burning hair but i would not sleep in there, keep door closed and a carbon filter works much better imo
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    25 Years Growing Indoors by DJ Short - 1999

    great read and the finest strain
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    Aero/Nutramist Tree

    looking fantastic you going to have some great heads. roots look well heathy.
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    HumboldtLocals Outdoor 2010

    If there were more people like you, the world be a better place. glad to see some people dont lose sight of old traditons for the sake of a quick buck. Keep up the hard work and best of luck for a sucssesful harvest.awesome trees.
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    WickedTree Seeds

    those are some fine looking plants you have.been a lover of blueberry for 15 years now would be an honour to grow out some of your fine genetics. send me a message when your beans are for sale. keep up the hard work
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    WickedTree Seeds

    those are some mighty fine plants you have and the blueberry is equiset.this is my favorite plant and should you have some seeds for sale send me a message.keep up the hard work
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    Oregon Greenhouse Grow 2010

    going to have some monsters there. nice grow. good old mother nature
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    36 gal tanks

    Till i came on this site never herd of any body growing 4 lbs a plant have lernt so much about growing trees indoors. i think it is strain mainly but could be done in hp aero or at least that my dream but what do i know the likes of jk have been growing for donkeys years and tried most of the...
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    bannana mans tree grow

    looking fantastic. should be a top smoke
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    Aero/Nutramist Tree

    Hi fofa good luck with the grow. love to see the hp areo grows would like to do one my self but even thou trainee plumber still strugling to get my head round it or where to get the nozzels and some of the parts from. Can not believe you done so well with all those 85w cfl cant wait to see this...
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