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    I'm Back..

    Thanks for all the love guys.. It is great to get back here with my friends.. Will be starting some journals soon about what I have going on lately.. Thanks again for the warm welcome.. D420
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    I'm Back..

    Just wanted to say hi to my fellow farmers.. Been super busy the past couple of years.. Went through a divorce and a bunch of other shit. Glad to see this place still popping..
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    Status updates

    Sweet! !
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    Double Koosh pics.....Sexy Purple Lady!

    Looks real nice bro.
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    White D Pics

    Nice... I am running this as well and it reminds me alot of the srardawg I am running.. SUPER DANK!! Enjoy..
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    ECSD / AJ Sour Diesel Seeded Pics

    Wow bro. Got some DANK stuff cracking.. can't wait to score your new stuff.. any s1's of the sis coming??
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    My OGRaskal Grows

    Thanks d420. You breeding.....beans on the other site? Yo Fred.. yeah, that is me on the other site. It looks as if your having an excellent new year.. Your stuff looks fire!!! Continuously puutin it down.. good job buddy..:harvest:
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    The X-tractor I

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    Police out of control, or, one hell of a way to wake up

    Bummer.. running around like cowboys..
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    Organic Fire Aliens

    Super nice bro.. did them absolute justice..
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    Happy Halloween- Star Wars Jack o' Lanterns

    Nice altitude..
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    I guess I'm off ban now..

    Good to hear from you bro.
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    skunkmasterflex's mad jungle of strains grow diary

    Nice skunkmaster.. Good selection.. Just took down some hp13 yesterday.. enjoy..
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    Air Pots for Cannabis plants(new craze)

    Wow.. thanks for letting us know Beast.
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    Og raskal's starwberrybubba

    Nice bro.. looks and sounds like the pheno I have.. looks really good bro.
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    Herijuana, Choc Rain, ChemD x BB

    Good job bro
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    Organic White Urkle

    Nice waayne.. I have another white urkle about 2 weeks in now.. it is also in roots organic in a 10 gallon smart pot. Looking real good..
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    Where the Gamerz at?

    Definitely picking up the medal.of honor.. GOING TO BE SWEET!!
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    Organic Fire Aliens

    lookin great waayne.. I'm droolling over here..:)
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    white bubba pics

    sorry last pic is wifi..
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