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  1. dreamofgreen

    May, Photo Of The Month Contest

    Bella Donna from Paradise Seeds. grown in living organic soil, cut at 65 ish days. Smells even more delicious than she looks.
  2. dreamofgreen

    My First Ever Growing:blueberry :pc Grow

    living organic soil is a great way to go. more work and planning needed, a lot more reading for sure, but worth it in the end. i started with blue planet organic line while i was letting my compost pile age and working on building my soil mix. i haven't matched the quantity of my hydro days but...
  3. dreamofgreen

    My First Ever Growing:blueberry :pc Grow

    if you're still shopping for nutes to use i suggest checking out blue planet nutrients. i've been using the organic three part and love it. i'm certain the chem 3 part and the 2 part are good as well. i really like the fact you get most everything needed in one pack, they sell silicone and...
  4. dreamofgreen

    Anybody Have Success With Rick Simpson Oil On Cancer ??????????

    anyone mention the Gerson therapy diet in this thread? to many looong post for me to read through yet. it takes some self discipline to follow, and isn't cheap getting all 100% organic produce, but used with RSO will knock back almost any disease or health problem you might have.
  5. dreamofgreen

    Anyone In Boston Still Smell Molasses posted a short vid this afternoon on this haven't seen or read anything about how long it took to clean up, but hard to imagine there would still be any remnants of it 93 years...
  6. dreamofgreen

    Anyone In Boston Still Smell Molasses

    thanks I appreciate when a link to the original story/idea is included to give a more complete picture of what happened. damn that must of been an insane mess to deal with and clean up.
  7. dreamofgreen

    Fell Off The Wagon Today.....

    great stuff. so nice to read thru a thread when everyone posting is concerned about the well fair of someone else. not enough of that in the world. I hope everyone with addiction issues has the strength, patience and focus to get themselves to a good place in life. blessings
  8. dreamofgreen

    How Long Until Federal Legalization?

    well maybe the jesuits will drop a nuclear bukkake bomb on the white house and do us all a big salty favor.
  9. dreamofgreen

    How Long Until Federal Legalization?

    i'm almost positive that the president does have the power and authority to remove it from schedule of controlled substances. it was added by an executive order of Nixon, it could and should be removed by an executive order now. all he has to do is say there is a large enough body of MDs...
  10. dreamofgreen

    Thanks Vets On This Day..

    nice. just got done sending texts and e mails to family and friends that have served or are serving in military. my #1 personal hero is my aunt who retired from the army nurses corp as a lt. colonel. she was stationed in 'nam for much of the war. oh, has she got some hair raising stories.
  11. dreamofgreen

    Boveda 58% Rh Packs

    i use a piece of wax paper to keep the pack from being in direct contact with any of the buds. i think bud that is kept in contact with a pack will pick up a oily flavor. it isn't horrible, but isn't good either. funny shit that dude thought you were suggesting using in grow room. i can imagine...
  12. dreamofgreen


    i hope that doesn't include seeds as well. if not, an inexpensive strain i would suggest is 'wake of the dragon' from stray fox gardenz. when my anxiety gets elevated i find it to be excellent at getting me more emotionally level with out being couch locked and forced to nap. i was recently...
  13. dreamofgreen


    have you checked your blood pressure? the bouncing visual thing could be from either low or high pressure. may be the cause or a contributing factor to your tinnitus as well. a couple years ago i was given a vial of cbd oil made by a guy in southern cali that i thought was awesome for my ptsd...
  14. dreamofgreen

    Knock And Talk...

    you know that thing they say, 'anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law'? that starts before they say it. it's probably not a good idea to refuse entry to a leo or other government official that wants to check for compliance on a legal grow, assuming you have your...
  15. dreamofgreen

    Reliving My Gypsy Youth,...

    i don't know what the end yield was but i'm sure it's near or over 2 lbs. i've got near 2 from a single 600 hps a couple times, but i had to really have everything dialed in and i was on top of the grow every hour of the day. now i do things in a much more lazy fashion and usually get about 500...
  16. dreamofgreen

    Reliving My Gypsy Youth,...

    i don't know if there are any of their lights available on amazon, but you should check out california light works. i'm still using hid lights but after spending some time helping a friend harvest what she grew with 3 of their solar storm lights i'm sold. both the quality and the quantity of...
  17. dreamofgreen

    50 Years Ago Today........

    oct. 7, 1966 is also the date california passed the first law criminalizing lsd. the same day i was born on.
  18. dreamofgreen

    Skunk Circa 1974

    did anyone try using dmso to soak seeda before planting? i haven't used the stuff myself, yet. but i've been told it's a must for old or poorly stored seeds.
  19. dreamofgreen

    Is This A Magnesium Deficiency ?

  20. dreamofgreen

    Is This A Magnesium Deficiency ?

    looks really under feed to me. it's a good instinct and you're better off going too little than too much but it's easy to spot when lower leaves start to yellow, the plant wants nitrogen. careful not to overfeed to correct the problem. a third or less recommended strength of nutes on every other...
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