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    Light movers

    Yes indoors and about 150 square ft, but could be 100square ft depending on a few things. Will look at buying a few of these tomorrow. Thanks again for the info
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    Light movers

    Thanks for the helpful reply. I'm thinking maybe one 6ft rail to cover an area of 7/8ft then, so 4 of them will save 4 lights in theory. Not sure if I can afford the risk of stretch because our strain is very prone to stretch if your not careful. So I think 11ft may be pushing it per light...
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    Light movers Has anybody got any experience with these? We were thinking about them as a possibility to cut down on costs. Will it overly effect yield etc?
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    Tent City!!!!! 2x 10'x20' Mammoth Tents!!!

    Lovely! what sort of yield are you getting per tent? Looking at doing something similar, so wondering if this would be worthwile for my needs?
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    My 1st and 2nd grows

    Some nice pics bro. Good job
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    For Vegging ... 1000w or 600w

    This ^ 5\6 400s would be plenty. Less heat and consumtion as well
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    Canna Nutrients

    Used Canna aqua for years with great results.. Just bought that boost for the first time last week, and can see an increased amount of buddage already
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    where shouod I put my ballasts?

    Maybe too late, but id recommend digital ballasts.. I just purchased a couple, and they give off next to no heat, and you could easily hold them in your hands, where as the old school ones used to melt through bone! So with next to no heat you could put them anywhere as long as its dry
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    Clip on fan size

    Ok thanks mate..
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    Clip on fan size

    I need a bit of extra airflow in my 1.2m by 0.80m room and have been looking at some clip on fans to save on space.. most i have seen have only 6" blades, would that be big enough? or should i try for a 7" or 8"? Thanks
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    my first harvest.

    I remember my first grow like it was yesterday (10 years ago).. I planted a few random seeds under a 400w light in soil, and put them into flower before they had sprouted.. The result was 3 randomly beautiful buds.. Dry weight, one was an 8th and 2 were 1/2 oz.. From then on i was hooked
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    Grow or not to Grow

    Def grow your own, Thom :very_first_smiley: Never tell anyone, and it will be safer than buying from the street, and a damn site better too
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    clones or seeds

    Cuttings FTW! :joint:
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    Top 5 Favorite Films.

    In no order Godfather 1 Godfather 2 Scarface Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke Airplane :bongsmi:
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    SFV OG Kush x D.P.D. from Outlaw Genetics

    +1 Looks very nice :smoke
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    Hello Farmers!

    Hey man.. Welcome :joint:
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    Price of good bud in other countries

    UK - All depends on who you know.. On the street to joe bloggs id say high grade £160+ other bud £130+.
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    Which strain to go with

    That does look pretty nice, Jack herer is one of my all time fav's (behind jack flash though) :joint: Also i havnt grown from a seed for years, if i go for a seed option, what is the best method to get the best female from the batch? i.e do i plant all the seeds? half? 1? (lol)
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    Adding sugar in a hydro grow?

    Does anyone have any more info on this? I read in a copy of weed world a while back that this was good for yield if added with pk about 3 weeks before harvest? Are there any real benefits?
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    Tree grow, best strain

    Jack Flash make excellent tree's, i once hit 27oz off 4 plants in a 1.2m/0.90m room.. I need a new strain myself now though as this ones getting too old, but im seriously thinking of trying to get a new refreshed batch JF seeds to start again.. Killer smoke, beautiful taste and stinks more than...
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