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    9K Rockwool Drip

    Very lovly ...nice grow....!
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    The cheese project

    Very nice for 600watters ...
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    Larry OG vs. Tahoe OG in Dual Monster Plant System

    Very lovely ... U Got skills!!...
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    3000W medi-grow. Blueberry Widow, Ice, GDP, Pineapple Kush, Agent Orange

    Ur on ur way o a great harvest g luck.....
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    Blueberry Diesel pic update....1-29-12

    Lovely ....
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    veg+bloom, 1 part powder in socal tap

    Lookin lovely ... Good to see u bac at it ..I love me some one part Nutes too..
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    Week 3 Flower NFT

    Looks just fine ...just dont look at them for couples days I bet u they will blow up lol.....
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    Rival's Funk Lab

    There u go rockin!!..
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    Making the Switch to Coco Beds 1st timer

    Beds are crazy good if u run it rite ...I love to try coco beds next to see if it's any better then my soiless beds ....good luck
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    Week 1 of bloom Purple Kush strain

    That's looking Killa,good growing love simple set up..
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    Hot Chicks

    Looking tasty what ur growing in?
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    Big Bubba

    Shit .. Let me get a hand on that #4 and put it on my beds and I'll call it my #1 Lol looking dank....
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    DwD's 4k True OG Coco Grow

    The ladies have nice legs.....
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    WiFi coco drip 10.4kw

    Beds are sick....looks like u can rock whatever u do..ur grow looks chunky...good luck on ur next round...
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    In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, uh, Gavita?

    Welcome bac"! Get on wit the show I wanna see how the gavita rocks...
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    OGRaskal picture fest!

    Beautiful ..........
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    John Galt's First Grow

    I'm in for the ride ...still love me some ebb and gro...
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    Big Bubba

    Lovely crosses....blow it up homie...
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    Killerchefs tight quaters medi grow

    Very very lovely....hope u have a very great harvest ...
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    How long the flavor last if I chew on those ??? Very nice looking plants.... How was the smoke?
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