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  1. BansheeRider

    Il Check-in

  2. BansheeRider


    ah che bello! c'è ancora vita sul sto forum......mi mancavate. e ciao frankishow, belle cime! io qui ci passo ormai pochissimo perchè ho trovato un forum che mi aggrada di più dove la gente è super tranquilla e il proprietario non è un ladro. Come butta da voi? SMIGS, quanto...
  3. BansheeRider

    What are you listening to right now?

    hehehe rockin' i'll see that i share something from time to time to see if you like it ;) peace BR
  4. BansheeRider

    the Motarebel way.........

    Mota, you are one of the breeders I respect most, and this is just by reading your posts - I have never grown your gear, although I have several of your strains in the fridge :) I am glad you are back with a vengeance! Keep on keepin' on brother.
  5. BansheeRider

    What are you listening to right now?

    yes but i'm definitely not implying that what i listen to is better or the right music to enjoy. to each his own - i was just slightly puzzled by the lack of other types of music. :damnhippie:
  6. BansheeRider

    What are you listening to right now?

    i dont get why most cats listen to rap but not REAL stoner o psychedelic music. (personally i listen to a lot of ambient, drones, psychedelic rock, spacerock, electronic music, stoner rock, doom + ALLTHEREST; any other farmers into this stuff?) not hating, just wondering out loud. :)
  7. BansheeRider

    Il Papiro Tulli

    hi TDB, pretty intriguing stuff.....what do you think of it? BR
  8. BansheeRider

    Calling all orchid growers

    Hi Koop, thanks for your informative post. I was looking for some detailed info like the type we can find for weed :) My roots were turning magenta and was wondering whether it was some nute deficieny. Thanks for your insights, they were very helpful. I'll send you a PM ;) cheers! BR
  9. BansheeRider

    my first grow

    Hi, please note that I am not speaking from experience, but many years spent researching how to grow weed. SCRoG works best with varieties that branch a lot or plants that have been topped to promote branching. You also need to time the flip right so that the plant will have enough time to...
  10. BansheeRider

    Calling all orchid growers

    Haven't been to find any decent grow guides for phalaenopsis ocrhids, i decided to try my luck here.... i have been growing one for about 2 years and have witnessed many changes in the plant. i was wondering if anyone here has some good expert knowledge on keeping orchids or could point me...
  11. BansheeRider

    Cab build,and grow show 101

    Kottenmouthking, I for one am interested in your build - i will hopefully find myself in such a situation soon so anything I can read about building my own cab will be treasured ;-) Post away! Peace BR
  12. BansheeRider

    la miglior genetica in 1 mq?

    ciao dogo.... è una domanda a cui non c'è una risposta sola. sicuramente ti conviene una varietà che non diventi una massa ingestibile di rami come tante landrace sativa. sopratutto quelle asiatiche. quelle africane tendono ad essere meno anarchiche nella crescita. solitamente per 1mq si...
  13. BansheeRider

    What is everyone gonna put outside this year?

    probably Bodhi's Lemon Thai or some Iranian G13......
  14. BansheeRider

    Pure alien and other rarities

    That Alien Haze definitely looks out of this should call it Day of the Triffids lol. Much respect for your skills and genetics sir Peace BR
  15. BansheeRider

    New Fox Farm Soil Beneficial's

    Seamaiden - yes, that's exactly what i meant. Thanks for answering! Peace BR
  16. BansheeRider

    New Fox Farm Soil Beneficial's

    for those of you who use bennies, do you use some sort of activator for the bacteria? a local co here sells one with milk-proteins, carbs and molasses. How important is it to use an activator when using beneficial bacteria? Happy growing BR
  17. BansheeRider

    What are you listening to right now?

    first this: and now this:
  18. BansheeRider

    KO KUSH F3 from sannie grow log

    Hi, sorry to butt in... it sounds like a good plant for SOG, am I correct? Beachbummed, keep us posted, I got a pack of these in the fridge an I'm wondering how they turn out... ;)
  19. BansheeRider

    incredibile dove stiamo arrivando !!!

    ottimo happy growing e fai tanti cloni ;)
  20. BansheeRider

    incredibile dove stiamo arrivando !!!

    Ganjamama, ammazza che sfiga! Avevi vinto delle genetiche serissime....L'SCxWhite è uno dei miei sogni, me le sono perse già 2 volte sul bay gran belle foto comunque ;) Facci sapere come va con l'SSSDH, mi sono preso un pacchetto anche io.... BR
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