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    How do you pass a DRUG TEST?

    back when i had to deal with piss tests i always used synthetic urine from i think it was. had a nice elastic band witht he vinyl pouch o pee and a sticky warmer and tube with clips. used it about 5 times...all for hospital positions. no problems
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    2012.. The End!??

    yea OWL! save me a bike, a beer, and a gun! see you soon lol
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    2012.. The End!??

    2012 isnt the end. its supposed to be our awakening. the next phase of our evolution. its the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.
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    my personal opinion matter what pot you can only get so many roots in there.....just cause your doing the 'stack' whatever..your just taking that much longer to get the plant root bound in that pot....ALSO more transplants = more stress. but, never have tried it myself..just a...
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    Im so fucked/stem snap, any suggestions

    this is simple. if its only hangin by a thread or so take it off. if its not dying off and still connected by a good bit just splint or support and leave it. i had a main cola on my pineapple bend right over 90 degrees and was still connected good so i just left it to hang and it...
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    Vote for winner: Photo of the Month - May 2009

    i was so stoned i didnt even realize my pic was in there, i voted for jare ;)
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    Reno 911

    i used to watch it ALL the time when i lived in the states...come to think of it, its time to download and re watch them all! QUALITY.
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    Thcfarmer is safe, Trolls you can kiss my fucking ass

    lol someone on a GUEST account tryin to be a hacker???? thats like a bank robber trying to break into the vault through the bathroom...
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    Am I the only one smoking joints at the farm?

    back in the states i smoked maybe a joint a week....always had a bong or pipe in my hand. always glass on glass. now im smoking joints all the time and just smoking hash outa the bong..which happens to be all the time as well :) EDIT: cant wait for a bong session with ed and anyone else...
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    Miracle-Gro Tomato plant Food

    #1 reason to not use miracle grow: they are owned by monsanto
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    Bongs: beaker vs straight tube??

    the volume of water is irrelevent to the filtration. the size of bubbles being passed through the water dictates level of filtration. get a diffuser/percilator whatever they call them.....deciding between beaker and straite tube MAKES NO DIFFERENCE unless internal chamber volume is different...
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    BeeLine vs Lighters vs Matches

    i threw away ALL my lighters! now i just have wicks...but i cant figure out how to light them... lol j/k i use bic ovals all the way. would love to switch up ti heating a glass rod for all my hash bongs tho..i can definitley taste by products of cumbustion when hittin a bong..regardless of...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    lee scratch perry - disco devil
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    Thermal Imagining - IR Cameras?

    good thing i dont live in holland! that little smell o' chopper its crazy
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    Tincture Poll - Alcohol vs Glycerine

    can you elaborate on the honey tk? does it change the process? or just changing ingredients?
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    Great Read - The Biotechnology of Cannabis Sativa

    interesting but i DO NOT SUPPORT manipulating the genes of mother nature.
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    bong cleaner?

    if in uk you can still get your iso online such as ebay....but JUST SO YOU KNOW....THEY LIE....they claim 99.9% but you can instantly smell acetone (and it doesnt work as well as the 90% i used to use int he states)...i have bought from 3 different companies here and they all the same.....
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    bong cleaner?

    lol sit over night?? i guess i have never let a piece get that dirty........
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    Bongs vs Vaporizers

    assuming the bud is flushed and cured properly, the only way i would cough would be if...dirty water, piece of stem got in there, or your burning big bowls that take multiple tokes to clear. good bud + good glass + good habits = smooth hit every time
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    Bongs vs Vaporizers

    vapes are a waste of money in my opinion. they are fun. but like i said before too much hassle for nothing. they do not get you higher by any means. as far as flavor...with some buds yea it tastes better...but i feel the vape takes a bit away from the bud. and no bong should make you cough...
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