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    I'm Looking For Good Sativas To Put In My New Greenhouse?

    try the mako haze or mango haze
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    Brothers Grimm

    the grimmdica is good and stoney although its not yet cured and not fully dry. Only tried 1 pheno outa 4 so far.
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    What Are Your Must Have Nutes For Hydro/coco Coir?

    i use coco perlite 70/30 blend comes mixed by cyco or nutrifeild. Use H+G nutes for coco at around 1.5 ml ltr max and i add natures own bat gunao liquid which is liqiud bat shit (grow and super bloom separate). Works real nice and give plain water last couple weeks only to flush the leaves of nutes.
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    Silica, Who Uses It And How Much?

    yeah bro mites gnats spiders and flies are a c-nt Says amorphous silica on the label. Good to run through carpets and later vacuum and sprinkle in the garden outside.
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    Silica, Who Uses It And How Much?

    i bought some diatomaceous earth super fine grade, its silica powder. Put a dusting towards bottom and on surface of me coco pots to stop any bugs insects from attacking, i read it cuts em up like glass. i sprinkle the leaves also a little in veg. Cost me about $50 for 4 kilos so its pretty...
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    Things To Add To H&g Cocos?

    i used H+G coco nutes with a product called seasol, worked very well. This time im gonna try adding alittle natures own super bloom in flower weeks 4-6 its bat shit. The super grow for veg worked well to but ill stick with seasol for veg.
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    watering from top or bottom? advice needed please...

    i been top feeding and bottom in coco at the same time. Seems to be working lovely.
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    LST training in detail; why bushes are better

    so does crushing the main stem from seedlings or clones, thick stems and branches
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    Trying To Figure Out What Led To Purchase

    I bought the HLG 550, working well in a 4x4 area 1st time using it so cannot vouch for the final result just yet as not fully flowered. I was gonna get the next light mega but was not available in my country so went with HLG. Very good with heat issues one 125 mm extraction fan and shes running...
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    What Beans Are You Popping?

    grimmdica and sensi Black Dom fems ATM. Next will be Mr nice Mango Haze.
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    Best hash plant strain?

    Im growing grimmdica from Bros Grimm at moment. Ill post up a few pics and smoko report after its done, but from what I can see it should be good very strong smells even in veg. Its sensi HP cross to an afghan. Not sure how old the Hp is they are using but they been a pleasure to grow.
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    strawberry cough by CBF

    Yeh they went down well, i only had these 2 females from 9 seeds. They were both sativa smokes but the 12 week one was not much indica at all. Id stick to the 8-10 weekers from your seeds. Ive now got some mango haze and nl5xhaze seeds to crack 1 day im on the wagon ATM. peace guys.
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    BOG's Sweet Cindy or Dutchgrown's Sweetest Cindy99?

    Can yu post a few pics and smoke report, thanks.
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    Nigerian t haze outdoor grow

    looks like a nice spot yu have there in the corner should be a good finish.
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    PPP from Dutch Passion, first ever grow!

    Looking good man keep up the good work, are yu planning to switch to flower soon??
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    ScuzyRoach's 10'x10' 5000w Jack Herer Grow

    looking good whos jack is this?
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    Reusing canna coco mixed with perlite

    Buy some cannazym that will disolve dead roots and turn them into food i hear.
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    Best Afghan

    mr nice ortega and afghan/skunk prolly do the job
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    ssh compared to todays top strains

    ya i was gonna get ssh but went with mango instead
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    ssh compared to todays top strains

    if yu got SSH your in for a treat thats all im saying, depends on which pheno yu choose some will be shorter and more stoney some taller and more hazey and some mixed.
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