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  1. fishwhistle

    Is Cxb3590 A Top Contender To Replace 1200w Hps?

    Very nice tags,30Gs in lights but i bet its efficient as hell.
  2. fishwhistle

    Which Rosin Press To Buy?

    Fuckers need to learn how to weld,the whole thing looks pretty wonky to me,not saying it doesnt work but build quality is shit.
  3. fishwhistle

    3 In 1

  4. fishwhistle

    Water Trouble

    Small boy is definitely better but like i said the camco RV filter for 16 bucks is the same one grogreen wants 45-50 f0r,camco even has a carbon filter version for 21 bucks,camco manufactures both the rv and the grogreen.
  5. fishwhistle

    I Need Help On A 4x4 Set Up,look at their cx300 for 725.00.He just had them on sale for 600 awhile back.This is the best led tech out there right now IMO,Cree cxb3590 cobs and meanwell drivers.6''hyperfan should be fine and unless you have DWC experience id just grow in soil,good luck!
  6. fishwhistle

    Led Lighting In Horticulture..... Since Its All The New Rage

    I think the cobs are what has people excited lately,i dont even know if they were around when that was written in 2008.If initial cost wasnt such a big factor i think they would be kicking HPS And CMH tech to the curb.I always laughed at LED lighting until i started learning about the cobs...
  7. fishwhistle

    Water Trouble

    Walmart 16.95 RV water filter,run it through this then let it sit overnight to off gas the chlorine.Same thing as the one your showing,amazing the cannabis mark up huh?
  8. fishwhistle


    Moth egss,they will hatch into budworms.Spray them with BT,its safe but you will lose some trichs/frost too it.If plants arent too big or too many you can cover with cheese cloth to help prevent more moths laying eggs at night.
  9. fishwhistle

    Post your Organic Soil Mix,I know they have alot of stuff and they have a store in colorado and california or will ship.
  10. fishwhistle


    I think firestax also has some of jimmys stuff.
  11. fishwhistle

    Top Dress Question

    Yep,topdressing your anticipating things a bit,drenching is a better answer when you are seeing something already,i do both.
  12. fishwhistle

    Hows The Weather In Your Neck O The Woods?? And What Are You Doing Today???

    Worked in flower room all day messing with lights and the new mini split,my veg is so out of hand i dont think i can even flower them their so tall,lol.Took clones monday for a do over.87 high here today in the cali high desert but its cooled down to 77 with a nice breeze now,going to enjoy a...
  13. fishwhistle


    If you dont mind planning ahead and adding it to your mix agsil works great for cheap.{q=agsil16h%20potassium%20silicate&facets%5B0%5D%5Btype%5D=category&facets%5B0%5D%5Bname%5D=category1&facets%5B0%5D%5Bvalues%5D%5B0%5D=Supplemental&offset=0}
  14. fishwhistle


    Diane what the hell are we gonna do with you?It goes on top of the soil not on the plants.
  15. fishwhistle


    Start reading instead of just blindly asking questions and spraying stuff.Search the forums for what you need to learn then apply the knowledge,figure out what bugs you have first...
  16. fishwhistle

    Guess Who Is Killing Us Off One By One

  17. fishwhistle

    Do Hydroponic Stores Work With Police?

    You would think right?But not true.Just had a customer in my office today on his way to drop off a 5500 dollar retainer check to my attorney because his kid is chilling in county,busted last week for growing MJ.His count was even legal but he had ONE can of butane used to refill a dab torch and...
  18. fishwhistle

    Do Hydroponic Stores Work With Police?

    It certainly would not be in the best interest of the store to do it but you never know.I do beleive cops surveil these type of stores but in the US there are so many now theres no way to watch them all.I stay away by ordering online and sourcing alot directly from manufacturer or normal/farm...
  19. fishwhistle

    My 200w Cob 3x3 Tent

    are all these under just 4 cobs?are all he tents the same?Pretty nice plants for just 4 cobs for sure.
  20. fishwhistle

    Water Trouble

    Town is trying to imminent domain the water co. and they are battling it out,meanwhile no maintenance being done because no one wants to put money into a system that might be stolen from them,clusterfuck.
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