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  1. LocalGrowGuy

    Trading Cannabis Penny Stock ?

    dropped as in bought, or dropped as in, the bottom fell out of your investment?
  2. LocalGrowGuy

    Trading Cannabis Penny Stock ?

    How did those penny pot stocks perform when the keebler drug elf withdrew the Cole memo?
  3. LocalGrowGuy

    Cannabis In Colorado

    Too bad most of this demographic can't be bothered to vote.
  4. LocalGrowGuy

    The Muchacho Smoking Facility!

    Some of our best deals have come from 'clogged' pipes that just needed a good cleaning. $99 for a scope and scrape is a great deal. One house we looked at had roots coming in the pipe all the way up the line and into the wax ring in the toilet. Shitty roots
  5. LocalGrowGuy


    Hamilton's pharmacopoeia did an episode on kratom, vice channel, assuming you can get past the wardrobe.
  6. LocalGrowGuy

    Str8s Orient Express

    I only gave you all that shit because you said you would pay me in peanuts
  7. LocalGrowGuy


    'They' are wrong. Like growgod says, get addicted to life, that wouldn't be cross addiction. If you are serious about quitting, then you should look at combating the physical symptoms of withdrawal. My biggest issue was anxiety and stress. When I got that under control the rest came easier.
  8. LocalGrowGuy

    Another Reason To Grow Your Own

    Did you just have a seizure when your hands were on the keyboard? I've tried reading your post several times and it doesn't make a lick of sense to me, but I'm kind of a moron. Who or what is 'going ape shit over greencure'? Are you saying some regulatory body is saying potassium and/or sodium...
  9. LocalGrowGuy


    Do you think this has anything to do with the difficulties you might encounter when trying to quit? The doc would say this is a good example of cross addiction, but the only way I kicked booze was to smoke, but I don't consider it 'cross addiction'. Good luck quitting the benzo's.
  10. LocalGrowGuy

    Another Reason To Grow Your Own

    Or maybe work to ensure state regulations protect consumers and patients instead of making it a giant cash grab. Colorado has had several years to work out the kinks, California is seeing what happened here circa 2012 post 1284/106 etc. California's rules are dog poo compared to protections for...
  11. LocalGrowGuy

    Hypersensitivity To Thc?

    sounds like beasters
  12. LocalGrowGuy

    Playin With Fire

    I think this is the right place for this, at least according the tags. I'll wait for another time to ask about senescence. I'll lay 3-1 odds that the farm admin is also waiting for the fish count, but this will have to do. growgod, er, uh, nevermind, can confirm if we need to call an expert...
  13. LocalGrowGuy

    Colorado Springs

    I don't buy pre-weighed flower, if they don't have jars to smell then I'll pass. Your nose knows.
  14. LocalGrowGuy

    ☺ Lol ☺

    same person.
  15. LocalGrowGuy

    Question About Small Grow - So Cal

    How are small grows in California handling security? I don't see any of the required security protections for commercial grows in Cali that I see in colorado.
  16. LocalGrowGuy

    Playin With Fire

    I grabbed some GSC x Tangie from a farmer on the western slope last year, I believe @xavier7995 flowered it out, it's on my to-do list but the back burner for now. It came to me as a cross, not a tangie pheno of GSC. It stunk of tangerines, but i didn't catch anything resembling dough on the...
  17. LocalGrowGuy

    Gotta Detox Lol

    I thought I heard gravekat likes the flavor too.
  18. LocalGrowGuy

    Please Recomend A Quality Medical Marijuana Clinic In Co

    not worth it
  19. LocalGrowGuy

    Please Recomend A Quality Medical Marijuana Clinic In Co

    What a coincidence!
  20. LocalGrowGuy

    Please Recomend A Quality Medical Marijuana Clinic In Co

    I just noticed you posted pot doc and not MMC/dispensary. Amerimed is south of downtown on Broadway and the bus runs that route, I'm not sure where your loved one is at. I've used Canna Health off Alameda and Broadway for extended plant count recommendations, craigslist might be your best bet...
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