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  1. Tejashidrow

    Diy Auto Curing System

    The way I understand is what that this is a 3 week process. At the time of writing it has been in the system for 1/2 a week leaving 2.5 weeks in the auto burp chamber
  2. Tejashidrow

    Diy Auto Curing System

    Here’s a pic of my first gen auto burp. The timer, air pump, and empty protein powder ( food grade) canister I all ready had. I popped a cheap hygrometer into the top of the canister. It’s been steady at 61% for a couple days. 2.5 weeks to go. I could not find a gallon canister I liked or was in...
  3. Tejashidrow

    Diy Auto Curing System

    My opinion is that boveda works great when doing long term storage but the “loss of terps/off taste” usually comes from when bovedas are used dureing the cureing process.. use it to store, not cure.
  4. Tejashidrow

    Diy Auto Curing System

    He uses just his opinions....
  5. Tejashidrow

    full MEGAcrop line review and fertilizer debate

    The flora line is a great beginner nute line. I used it when first starting. Many shy away from GH Due to their selling out to Monsanto. WHILE gh flora does grow some good stuff, I dropped them to use a less chem forward Nutes. I’ve enjoyed some great tasting stuff grown with GH. But I don’t...
  6. Tejashidrow

    DoUbLe GrApE

    Miss you SubCool...... R.I.P.
  7. Tejashidrow

    Gt21 Koolbloom Dilution Method

    Bump Plans change No more Notill Useing Autoflower fems for the first time Back to perilite hempy But instead of Maxie bloom useing Mega Crop And kool bloom diluted
  8. Tejashidrow

    Week 10 No Frost And Yellowing

    Drop everything but megacrop MEGACROP ONLY 5-6 grams per gallon 19/5 light cycle As far as “Frost” ( I hate that term) It’s there Just not how much you want So Howe’s it finis up???
  9. Tejashidrow

    Gt21 Koolbloom Dilution Method

    True in that. I’m switching from notill back to hempy bucket and useing maxi bloom and kool bloom powder. Soooo glad I dug this up!!!
  10. Tejashidrow

    How To Create Feminized Seeds! By Dgl

    Welp Due to stoooopid stoner observance I had a fem purple haze plant grow pollen sacks. ( environment issues) Pollemated itself and a Sour Diesel. For the past year I’ve been germing and blooming these seeds from the “stressed”pollen. I’ve also gifted about 100 seeds each to a couple friends...
  11. Tejashidrow

    Cold Curing Vs. Warm Curing

    Yeah yeah yeah I know this thread is old Maybe he is enjoying the plant he grew It’s easy to follow the cow in front of you and do what everyone else does. Is it Sheer ignorance or too much dope referring to the above post.? Like anything done correctly, a Cob cure will not ruin your bud...
  12. Tejashidrow

    Nutrients to help bulk or trichomes?

    Sure will But it will not bulk up buds Hps and mh run together is the ticket..... Or Just get quantum board
  13. Tejashidrow

    Micro Box??

    No For apt. Growing you don’t need a good scrubber. You need a GREAT scrubber. Not a diy Not a cheapo A great hiquality scrubber. No smell Notell Farm friendly
  14. Tejashidrow

    Noob On First Grow Thinks He Stunted Them?

    @jaypru369 Oops just saw it’s your first INDOOR grow Mebad
  15. Tejashidrow

    Noob On First Grow Thinks He Stunted Them?

    Don’t sweat the stunted It’s your first grow Even if they are “stunted” you’ll still in the end get more than if you didn’t grow. Just grow it out and use this grow as your baseline
  16. Tejashidrow

    First Micro Grow Adventure

    Good point What I meant was it is time to stop training his plants under the screen. Once budset sets in its time to stop training under the screen. As far as running cooler the photon boards leds are spaced a bit farther apart than the quantum’s, and don’t need a heat sink till one pushes...
  17. Tejashidrow

    First Micro Grow Adventure

    Quantum’s are great but.... Invest in a photon sun board Less expensive Runs cooler than a quantum And that will give you more much needed headroom Stop training the buds and let them rise up. If a bud touches the lamp bend it over I’ve done many a great micro scrog with mars hydro 300 blurple...
  18. Tejashidrow

    First Scrog, Rate My Set Up And Roast Me If Needed!

    Was that chicken turned into a edible?
  19. Tejashidrow

    Hermie Seeds....femanized?

    If a female plant hermie s ( doesn’t really hermie but that’s another discussion) because of environmental stress Any seeds wil be female and if the environmental stresses are corrected the seeds will flower like any other seed. While those growing for profit or meds may toss “hermie” seeds for...
  20. Tejashidrow

    Insect Frass Fertilizer

    I love insect frass!! I use at the start of each season and it’s for sure the best amendment I add for sure. Don’t add after 4 th week of flower Don’t add/mix mycos into your soil The fungus must be in contact with roots to grow. Put on roots and into hole at transplant. Otherwise your just...
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