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  1. fishbuds

    I just made a dumb mistake. What are your guys biggest Mistakes and fails?

    I just poured straight pee on a fresh bonsai transplant yesterday, oops, gotta stop peeing in bottles near the grow area :o
  2. fishbuds

    When the best color of trichomes at flushing stage of flower?

    look good to me, not ready to chop, but looking very tasty, nice job! Add microbes, like slf100, fulpower, to help with senescence, perhaps in future grows. Jam calcium near the 6th week(to help with bulking out), then microbes to finish her out. My soil experience, may not exactly jive with...
  3. fishbuds

    Wifi camera for tent with night vision?

    Don't add ANY light to your flower room. Of any sort,. As a matter of fact, stand/sit in there for 15 minutes after lights out. Then you will know if there is any light in there. Not my idea, just regurgitating ;) .02
  4. fishbuds

    Wifi camera for tent with night vision?

    have you added light to your flower room with no trouble? Because, any light in my flower tent would cause a problem even for the best genetics.
  5. fishbuds

    When the best color of trichomes at flushing stage of flower?

    Flush is such a 'gross' word. Let's call it "ripen on the vine". I never give plain water, almost never. it's always got something in it, because my soil always has something in it, and the plant wants 'something' at every point in its life. even as it is dying, it needs stuff to make sure...
  6. fishbuds

    Variety’s seed selecting and pollination thread

    Nice looking crosses, this is right up my alley ;)
  7. fishbuds

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Ya, I would run that!
  8. fishbuds

    Can i slow down my growth?

    good thread, wish I woulda read this 5 years ago, coupla harvests woulda been quite different.
  9. fishbuds

    Can i slow down my growth?

    This is a good point. I dont have decades outdoor, but a handful of ok runs. First year or two, just taking my 18/6 plants and putting them out in early/mid May. Some genetics revegged. Changed to 16/8, and timed it to the environment, kinda. Lights on 4am, off 8pm, seems to reduce reveg in...
  10. fishbuds

    Soil preparation for outdoor grow

    If this were me? I would not use that c until next year, if at all. You would be much better off with 'anything' else, or nothing at all. ph of 9 says something is wrong somewhere. Just my opinion, perhaps there is something i am missing. Ive grown in peat, perlite, and worm castings, with...
  11. fishbuds

    Soil preparation for outdoor grow

    ph of 9 for finished compost? something is not right somewhere if that is really the ph. finished C should land between 6-7. At least, the test sheets i have seen, for the compost I get/got. I dont take someones compost unless they have a test to show me.
  12. fishbuds

    When Do I Mark First Day Of Flowering?

    yes and yes
  13. fishbuds

    Plague in big greenhouse plant

    bt 1x/wk all grow and there will still be damage, but not total destruction.
  14. fishbuds

    Plague in big greenhouse plant

    i am sorry to see that. i think your entire grow is suspect at this point. you are infested with caterpillars, and it is too late to do anything about it. Next run, treat for cattys, 1/wk at minimum, the entire grow. Good luck.
  15. fishbuds

    Questions on possible magnesium deficiency

    I think you got it. Young plants seem to like ph in the lower to mid 6's, and progressively increase to 6.5 - 6.8 throughout the grow, in soil. after feeding 6.8 for week 7 flower, I will drop to 6.4 for the ripening flush, to ensure plenty of calcium is available as she finishes. .02
  16. fishbuds

    Thread watched Beginning covert outdoor grow in N.E.

    Dont add nutes yet. What is the ph of the water source you are using? Looking good so far!
  17. fishbuds

    Recommendations on good fans for 4x8 tent?

    Walmart box fan blowing the air consistently off the lights an the tops of the plants. And two oscillating 12" fans should do it. One exhaust is fine too.
  18. fishbuds

    Is it possible to be overwatered for 6 days?

    Id be curious to hear more deets too
  19. fishbuds

    Yellow tips on new leaves

    I go thru weeks, where, i will just dip my ph pen in 7.0 calib. solution, just to make sure. :) If she reads 7.0 I make the feed, if not i calibrate. Seems the better i take care of the head the less calibration.
  20. fishbuds

    Calling all Scroggers - More plants less veg vs more veg fewer plants?

    Watering, pruning, anything, is a bitch with scrog. Alot of plants under the screen means alot of extra work. 5 plants under the screen in a 4x4 tent is my ideal #.
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