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  1. Nica

    Root Aphid Annhiliation (pics)

    Thanks brother iam gonna give it a try , sounds like a good technique, cheers
  2. Nica

    Root Aphid Annhiliation (pics)

    Thanks !!They kind of look like they know where they are heading I assume , iam guessing most likely fungus gnats , if I had root aphids flyers shouldn’t I w be able to see them in the root ball ?
  3. Nica

    Root Aphid Annhiliation (pics)

    need help identifying these ,can’t see any crawlers in the root ball or top soil with a 30xmagnyfying glass only flyers
  4. Nica

    Everything Was Going So Well Then Root Aphids....

    Do you know the dosage mycotrol eso per gallon of water ? Thanks
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