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  1. bongobongo

    If you have chemistry questions....

  2. bongobongo

    Yooper Kush

    Lol prime <3
  3. bongobongo

    Montana Specific Strains

    No worries, Glad your still kicking it over here. Pretty sure I know you through somewheres
  4. bongobongo

    White cookies

    I guess I was being generous with a decade as I've had it for 5-6 and my guy I got it from had it for a year id say... Minimum 6-7 years old. Is that the correct time span? I'll have to ask Steve, never made the two connection lol. And sweet skunk notes for sure on the strangebrew, as well as...
  5. bongobongo

    White cookies

    The strangebrew may very well be from bohdi, that would make sense actually as me and some other cats up here know breeder Steve. Shit I just talked to him yesterday actually
  6. bongobongo

    White cookies

    White cookies, my pheno is meat smelling, with hints of pepper. The taste is very robust, more cookie. And the high is a behind the eyes stone, reminds me a lot of the white really... Except the taste
  7. bongobongo

    Greenpoint Seeds April Drop 17 New Strains

    Gg4 x PBO = honey bear
  8. bongobongo

    No More Powdery Mildew

    Thanks for the tip man. In out currently, gah always missin one sometimes lol. Thanks cap
  9. bongobongo

    No More Powdery Mildew

    I've had a hell of a battle with pm. Used milk. Raw. Brewed my own lacto bacillus, green cure. H202, sulphur, everything man serious. Best hands down Preventative, I spray with a caps bene foliar non brewed straight to the sprayer with a touch of molllases and a 1/4 tsp of yucca for a...
  10. bongobongo

    A Stupid Question But Maybe A Lil Help

    Pro mix is being fuckers lately and won't ship anything to me without it being like 45 a bag for pro mix bx. I found some spaghnum peat moss Is this the good stuff in the pro mix? I can source the rest just checking...
  11. bongobongo

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    I'm doing great I got a 32 light build in in the middle of it. Sorry i haven't had time
  12. bongobongo

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    Tnelz I have dealt with pm forever, organicide is nice because it's a 3 in 1... Say if I see thrips sprout up pm isn't far behind ya know? Not sayin you have bugs but they are linked more then I ever thought ^be proactive with organics, it won't hurt... I'm kinda in the "it will happen...
  13. bongobongo

    The Price Of Cannabis In Colorado

    The market will weed (PUNNNNN) out the people that don't grow the best possible. That Maui wowi bud is absolutely 100/oz or whatever... Get something that's amazingpants and I feel around 200/oz is about the norm retail.
  14. bongobongo

    Tangerine power and sinmint cookies are unstable

    Ya, should of been more careful selecting shit I wanted to produce with. Time passes and I found a dank night fire OG cut. Still won't run the tangerine power or SMC I got though, no way
  15. bongobongo

    Filling A Recovery Tank With Canned Butane.

    Then when I pulled oil(a light tan very viscous oil) was actually mystery oil? That brings up another question? How dirty was my 99.5% n tane and why was it pulling so much oil? I didn't have a liquid syphon (incompetence when I ordered and asked 100 times for one) was it from me tipping the...
  16. bongobongo

    TK Killer

    Lil tk killers be big fatty bo battys now goo!!!!!! OoooooooooooOoOoOoOooOO
  17. bongobongo

    Doing my thang...Medusa

    Oooooo :)
  18. bongobongo

    Time To Put Up Or Shut Up

    Couldn't tell... Look kinda like the muley
  19. bongobongo

    Filling A Recovery Tank With Canned Butane.

    I absolutely have pulled oil off the pistons every time I filled cans or try to distill with a appion.
  20. bongobongo

    Doing my thang...Medusa

    Lol... Shitty M
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