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    Bogus police rip off California pot growers

    protecting himself if you actually read the story I posted it was his dogs that woke him up to get a gun and then meet mr. robber in a flash second shootout exchange so the dogs is what woke him up give him the few seconds he needed to grab his gun and start I think...
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    whast PH for nutes in soil (flora series 3 part)

    what strains or strain are you running also can depend on strain for genetic maximization
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    Bogus police rip off California pot growers

    gun around plants and people shot well take this story for example up in WA state... Mr. Sarich has never been arrested for shooting two would be robbers in his home while over "300" plants were found....NOW most of these were...
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    What is wrong with my plants?

    my .01 Additionally, did the coco actually dry out between a watering...if so, any amount of fertz hitting those dry root ends (can) meaning not every time but possible to burn like that. I had that same stuff you got...played with it and then tried this on purpose to another one just entering...
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    Bogus police rip off California pot growers

    Oregon Oregon has this to say about the matter.....
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    Oakland ready to approve four marijuana factories

    the untouchables Time will be the ultimate JUDGE of all... You speak like these guys are the Robin HOODs of Marijuana or something...I'm an outsider looking in...I dont even live in Cali so I'm not benefiting in any way from Prop 215. This group setting this all up may be entrepreneural...
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    Oakland ready to approve four marijuana factories

    other side of the coin The last time I was in a McDonalds which has been a few years I noticed quite an extensive "Quality" Control team...there had to have been 6 or 7 human heads and minds back there...everything was monitored and controlled down to the number of seconds the fries go down...
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    Bio-Canna Info

    Canna Coco well the good news is they specifically make Coco nutes.... The Bio line is for Soil Growers :-) I'm sure they both work but will work best with their intended medium.
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    i dont care what anyone says 24 hour veg is HORRIBLE, tell me why u think different

    a few naps in there wont hurt. Never ran any side by side comparisons nor will I ever do I think....24 hrs works. 18 6 works 20 4 works......I do notice after running 24 hrs. for a few weeks then a simple 6 hr cat nap and upon lights coming back on again the girls are refreshed and look alot...
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    Bushmaster - after or during 1st week of 12/12?

    Hey Fab Nice to see you Fab....I'd love to get together with you sometime. :rasta2: I see you are continuing to inspire with your girls :-) luving the Pre-88 by the way.
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    Power Loss Problem

    options I love the CAP products and you cant beat the pricing....for another option and more expensive is the ultimate though it is digital as some don't like that and some do but has many options and customization options. scroll down to the second unit...
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    Tent City Files. Secret Jardin 10x10 with 6k

    Nice and Clean Gorgeous :-) You mentioned being able to take down the tent in 3 hrs. for emerg. situations, how about putting the tent together? How long would you estimate just curious.
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    three moms soil sog

    waterings Thanks NorCal.... with using 1 gal. are you finding yourself watering frequently and curious as to your watering setup; I'm all about ease of use with my condition so I'm always looking for ways to simplify the watering process.
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    What is the quietest 6in fan on the market?

    Elicent Elicent....Italian made although I've never personally used the windtunnel...couldn't you always build a muffler or how exactly are you running this fan or your application.
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    three moms soil sog

    Clean setup NorCal....I like that easy on the eyes for sure...I like how clean and simple feeling your room is: Couple ?'s: what is your plant spacing? What size container? I'll have some pics of soon of mine...almost identical in wattage just arranged differently and after seeing...
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    Liking the farm

    Just joined and very delighted to be part of the Farm... :420:
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    Bushmaster - after or during 1st week of 12/12?

    enjoyed myself yeah helped me clarify as well FFF......I love watching the effects on some strains it almost like real time... I mean next day and bamm "changes" for sure and not anything vertical. Peace---Relief
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    25 Years Growing Indoors by DJ Short - 1999

    Inspiring Inspiring words indeed!!
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    Just wanted to say hi as I am new to THC Farmer

    new as well Tony its nice to see another newguy out here. I just signed in myself :-)
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    Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

    Thank you... A nice peace to contemplate and re-absorb over some smokeage :-) some SSH tonight
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