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    my laboratory

    which carnival man? thanks dextr0
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    my laboratory

    hey green gramps thanks for the welcome! i hope to keep things green for some time to come it is a pure joy i have more fun growing than anything i do.
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    my laboratory

    thanks smokey503ski its not always so clean dirt gets messy but indeed it is suffeciant for its porpuse
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    my laboratory

    thanks michnuggets and as for what im running most of my strains are clseeds crosses all preform well and i have always had the best of luck with them on this run they were mostly g13 or c99 crosses bigbud x c99 aurora lights x g13 nl x c99 ice x c99 and g13 crystal trips x c99 wonder woman x...
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    my laboratory

    its a shed and thanks ibtheman
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    my laboratory

    hello good people of thcfarmer this is a old pic but hey who cares its the proper way to bring in a good introduction im a small time breeder nothing to fancy but rightly effeciant
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    some nice leafs and killer smoke its jacalyn and its not a 100% indica
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    looking for purple paki

    i dont know if im the only one looking for the purple paki's but i cant seem to find them any where if any one can help i would apriciate it
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    Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

    great info
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    just arived

    hey new friends im jyme and new here. this seems to be a cool into breeding and always on the look for old school genetics and strong landrace beans...maybe i will be able to help this site in some way cause i belive in carying my own..
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