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  1. Smokey503ski

    Garage To A Warehouse

    I have even looking buying a spray foam insulation machine so I can build these myself. A 40' highboy container is a cunt hair over $2000 with delivery in my area. I would think 2 each 5 ton ac in each container would make it possible to have these outside. I would at least have them under a...
  2. Smokey503ski

    Garage To A Warehouse

    We had to put the A/C inside the container to ship the container. Thing is huge, 8' wide by 3' I also forgot that it came with a industrial size dehumidifier. Shit ton of work to be done still.
  3. Smokey503ski

    Garage To A Warehouse

    New addition finally arrived. Took 3 separate company's to finally have a driver that was competent to move it. 25' Shipping Container, 12k of lights. Co2, 5 ton roof top A/C, and 2 rolling tables for $7500. Deal of the year for me I couldn't pass up.
  4. Smokey503ski

    Garage To A Warehouse

    Sorry, I didn't see this reply. I had a little set back with cold temps. Got it straightened out and things are rocking. I ran 2 stains I never grown before and one didn't stretch that much and the other is just getting done with the stretch. Wasted allot of space by not having them vegged...
  5. Smokey503ski

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    Only reason I use Cal-Mag is my tap water is around 60 ppm and I already had a bottle of it. Or I would use Epsom salts to bring it up to .3 EC. In my rockwool room I use HD PH at 5.6 The Coco room I use a PH of 5.8
  6. Smokey503ski

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    I first fill the reservoir with tap water. Then PH to 5.8 add Cal-Mag to bring my EC to .3 then add HD at 5 grams per gallon. Then adjust PH again. I feel doing it this way helps with stabilizing the solution. Compared to adjusting the PH after.
  7. Smokey503ski

    Hydroponic Research User Thread

    I like the old 5 gallon paint mixer attached to a drill. Keep the drill going and slowly add the nutrients. This will help with the particulate that can be found in the bottom. I also found adjusting your starting water PH before nutrients will have less drift.
  8. Smokey503ski


    @bankcee With tap water that high I would recommend you go with the Tap/Hard version of the nutrients. Heads up, they're not giving out any samples at all. Hit me up if you want a discount though.
  9. Smokey503ski

    Going Skiing In Feb

    @tiedye611 curious to why Breckenridge in February? Is it the park in Breckenridge that you are going for? I honestly would recommend Arapahoe Basin or known as A Basin. Much better snow in that time and not as crowded. Steeper runs compared Breck. Either way I'm jealous. Hope you have a...
  10. Smokey503ski

    Disposing Of Stems

    I highly recommend people to not do this. I had a good friend that got busted this way. Believe it or not some places have cameras on that area to catch people illegally dumping their trash. Somehow they got his license plate when he was dumping it and him on video.
  11. Smokey503ski

    Reggie Strain

    Sounds like you're talking about that Lime Rickey
  12. Smokey503ski

    Disposing Of Stems

    I put mine in the yard debris bin for the recyclers to pick up.
  13. Smokey503ski

    Rooted Clones From Ez Cloner Transplant Question

    I never liked using cubes when going into Hydroton. Just put it in the Hydroton by itself. It will work perfect.
  14. Smokey503ski

    Twister T4 Users Please Chime In

    I get to use the t4 from my local store for $200 daily if I get it back before they close. That's a fixing steal. Since I only get it for about 8 hours here's what I do. The night before we buck all the fan leaves off the plants. Anything small gets tossed in the trim bin. We leave the...
  15. Smokey503ski

    Christmas Time

    2 years ago I had the craziest, nicest thing happen at Christmas eve. I was pretty broke at the time. A couple weeks before Christmas I went and put $400+ worth of presents on layaway at Kmart for my kids. With 5 kids at the time this was a small amount. On Christmas eve when I got paid, I...
  16. Smokey503ski

    Light Left On

    I prefer the 24 hours of darkness. Once isn't going to harm it.
  17. Smokey503ski

    Light Left On

    Either leave as is since you're close. Or, leave in darkness for 24 hours and resume as usual.
  18. Smokey503ski

    Yellowstone Eruption Nov 7

    I'm a person that wonders Shit. @robomont Curious if his research had more to it than he knew. That Earthquake in New Zealand was only a couple days after he posted. Wrong Continent, but who knows if it's related somehow. Not saying it is, but crazy if it is.
  19. Smokey503ski

    Blackberry Kush

    I have a Blackberry cut that is from Southern Oregon. I have mentioned it a few times in the past on here. The one I currently have will always be in pre flower. Hard dense Frosty nugs that like to purple. Looks like the one I have. I'll take a pic when I go back to the warehouse. I have...
  20. Smokey503ski

    Nanolux Dimmable Digital 1000w Grow Light Ballast

    I have some of the older 600watt nano ones. They do not have the link option. They still work and they are super quiet and light.
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