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    Motherplant with powdery milde!

    ya i was thinking about totally cleaning the room when these come down,I was gonna bleach everything but id rather do what you said with the Hydrogen!
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    Motherplant with powdery milde!

    anyone heard of a product they sell here in Canada called Endofine it's a root drench that i think eliminates PM in the Veg stage and isn't a nasty chemical has it but they only show the Foilar one they have a root drench also just wondering what your guys thoughts are on...
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    Motherplant with powdery milde!

    Thanks for the info Can you name some potent strains that are powdery mildew resistant? This strain is OG Kush and other strains i have grown in my room (White Widow,Ice,White Ice,Hash plant,WHite Castle,Godbud) never had any PM so i think its these clones its like they are diseased its a great...
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    Motherplant with powdery milde!

    Ok ill try neem i was also looking a product called "Endophine" i think thats how you spell it It does a root drench and is supposed to kill off PM for good i believe i might try a combo of both and then just take a few healthy cuttings from them and restart them over it is OG Kush i got 40...
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    Motherplant with powdery milde!

    Got two mother plants i had a friend looking after and well lets just say ne neglected them so they had a buncha powdery mildew on them so i chopped it all off leaving like 30% of the leaves,I think its good and bad lol it wil lgrow back real bushy but will be slow anyways im wondering what...
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    3 days in complete darkness for more trichomes

    I read in a few books its good to leave your plants in pure darkness for 48 hours pre harvest
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    Lookin 4 some advice on Powdery Mildew

    Ya ill look into that for my mother i have as i noticed a few tiny specs of PM on here but barely any someone said GreenCure is good for where im at now any suggestions>?
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    Lookin 4 some advice on Powdery Mildew

    at day 10 of flower see some little spots of PM appearing so i removed all the affected leaves i could see,i have pretty good circulation and a exhaust fan with filter im wondering if a few more fans would help stop it or if i should just get a burner,Or if anyone has any good foilar spray ideas...
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    Emergency Flushing - premature harvest help

    I would cut all mold and just emergency flush with RO water for a few days and extend your curing time it will take out more clorophyll you dont have many options sadly =( I had to do something similair b4 some of the smoke was a lil harsh but overall not too bad i just flushed over 3 - 4...
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    Anyone ever run a sealed greenhouse?

    The glass will reflect sunlight up into the air possibly alerting pigs in helicopters lol
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    Can i use a Green CFL bulb in my room when the light r off?

    Thanks Nucleo and Beezle J wizzle dont be concerned with what i need to do in my room or how long it takes its none of your business and why would you even care? lol
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    Can i use a Green CFL bulb in my room when the light r off?

    Seems like no one can answer this question with a solid answer so im still right back were i started lol some say use it some say dont Its a known fact the plants dont absorb the green spectrum guess the real question is Does the 13 watt green flouro put out green spectrum or is there...
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    Growing in a modern condo ??

    Learn to be a power smart mother fucker lol thats what i had to do been running a 10-12 room with vortex fans and everything in a old house im top floor and got people below me! You just gotta be extra careful and power smart!
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    Malawi curing methods, time

    What does it actually do to the bud to make it more potent compared to normal curing in jars? Good luck with the ladies!!!
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    Good cloning machine?

    you can make one for like 50 bucks no problem that has 30 holes just need a air pump some air stones plastic rubbermaid tote dril lwith circular saw attachment and some neoprene pucks if u want msg me ill send u some pics of the one i made it works great first run i had all of my plants rooted...
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    Looking yummy did the Warlock put a spell on you? lol Good luck with the ladies!!!
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    2wk's left, please look, thoughts advise help welcome - new grower

    Fimming is like topping yet you cut about 75% of the very lil top off at a curved downwards angle,this can result in multiple tops usually 3-4 sometimes even up to 8 has been achieved where topping only gets you 2 tops,you can also combine these methods and have tops were u want,The sooner you...
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    2wk's left, please look, thoughts advise help welcome - new grower

    get a ph pen or ppm meter or get or get a RO machine or buy RO water it has 0ppm and when nudes are added has a correct PH,And top your plants or learn a technique called "Fimming" CFL's get the job done but if u want real colas invest in a HPS even if its a 125 watt it will produce your yield...
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    Piss & Blue Kush(Scrog, Dual 600w's, DWC, CO2)

    The girls look nice how was the smoke from them? Good luck with the ladies!!!
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    4 600s or 3 1000s

    I looked at the thread to IC u linked looks like that guy abandoned his effort or something else happened seeing how he never updated that page,It looks really neat and fancy but in my opinion you could grow way more bud in a simpler set up even using soil hassle free,But maybe you've done that...
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