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    DEAD PLANTS!!???? What the hell???????

    Lockout? bad nutes? I have had this happen to me just not on this large of a scale. Sorry to hear about it.
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    Powdery Mildew keeps comming back.

    So I ran a sulfer burner for an hour before my lights kicked on the first day.... not noticing a difference but not really expecting to see one either i ran the burner again for 6 hours straight before the lights on the next day... Well that seems to work. I was having the problems in weeks 1-4...
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    blue dream plus blue cheese

    looking good, blue dream is one of my favorites! I hope you top the dreams and they are going to out grow your room. I just did it myself by vegging a lil to long due to moving. It will work out for you though the dream can take a beating and still produce. I have noticed though that its one...
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    Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

    nice post.
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    How to use a sulfer burner?

    Thanks everyone, im plug it in now!
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    How to use a sulfer burner?

    Thanks for the quick respose, The only thing the burner says is hang above plants 1-2 feet... nothing else. I have had great success with my last few grows before i got the PM so im hoping this will stop it asap. The first treatment should be that long? lights off correct?
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    How to use a sulfer burner?

    Ok so I've tried a couple different things to help fight or rid of the PM in my room and nothing will keep this crap away. I recently picked up a sulfer burner, and could use a lil input on how and when to use it. My room is 8wx10Lx8H, How much sulfer should I use? How long should it run? Im in...
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    Under Current 16xl = big buds

    beautiful setup. love how clean and SAFE everything is setup.
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    Pre-flower Chat

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    How long on 12/12

    I had these same questions when i started from seeds... It seems that the sex shows less than 2 weeks in and if a male it shows even sooner, from my experience. I have a Blueberry and Bluedream going now and both are heavy eaters! Good luck with it and post some pics if you can.
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    Powdery Mildew keeps comming back.

    Sounds like this could be an "answer" NCGA Thanks for the reply... and seeing junior farmer is kinda funny. Great tips and good looking out.
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    Powdery Mildew keeps comming back.

    Thanks! I picked up some SM90 a while back in place of clearex.... I'll give it a shot! It makes sense, i hope it works i really dont want to start a SOG all over again after just moving into this place.
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    Powdery Mildew keeps comming back.

    During the end of my last harvest I started to develop some powdery mildew around week six. I did some research and didnt find anything that gave me a "answer". I ask the owner of a local store and he suggested that i use dutch masters Zone with Penetrator... It made sense after thinking it...
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    Jack Herer, marijuana hero, Emperor of Hemp, dead at 70

    im going to flower out a clone now....
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    Blue Dream Day 54

    looks good! just harvested some BD myself and its curing right now. great smoke I think, some in Cali dont like it but we havnt been flooded with BD here yet. atleast not by anyone that knows whats up. ive gotten up to 3/4 lb on one plant before though when trained and topped. I also harvest...
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    2 tent grow 5x5 and 10X10. first grow : )

    I recently picked up one of those T5 panels myself for my mothers, Its worked wonders and now im considering picking up another for veg, what did you think? I've considered using a MH but due to heat and amps i couldnt go any higher than a 400w. Ive been very impressed with my T5 panel esp with...
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    jah hoover og kush x g13 haze

    wow! gangsta haze?
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    2 tent grow 5x5 and 10X10. first grow : )

    looking good. you're going to blow those tents up! ill keep up with your pics interested how these go...
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    ON NEVADA: Why waste time with marijuana offenses?

    tax it and stop firing teachers. Nevada has the worst schools in the nation and are doing nothing but budget cuts.
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