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  1. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Trimmed some more downward growing water leaves, ppm 755 going in at 6.7pH. Here's one more pic. Day 13 of flower. Using 2 10 ml doses of GN Bloom now, it seems to bring pH down to 6.8. Learning this coco is fun so far.
  2. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Now I can see "puffs" and forming buds soon. What a 1st. bagseed grow. Media, no problem, nutrients, no problem, ect. Next month I draw SSI check's, guess I still got some growing skills, Texas A&M should be proud of this Master Gardener,Lol.
  3. SSgrower

    Mimed’s Perpetual Thread

    Farmed Out! Thank's for the views.
  4. SSgrower

    Ready to flip 8-9 weeks to go

    Nice, I flippped 14 day's ago and may net my girls as well, muffs just forming today, white hairs finally. I am in coco/perlite feeding three times in the 12 hr. light window, I did up the bloom nute by General Nutrition.
  5. SSgrower

    Spider Farmer 4000- first time farming

    Now I'm going to need a 6" inline A/C Infinity as my 4 plants get white pistils at day 14 in flower. So dark green all over except the flowering buds which are lighter, my Debbie's Delight for breeding and cloning.
  6. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Chemistry & Madmax I caught... wait for it, "white pistils" showing here at day 12-13. Dudes is am so happy I am going fishing for Redfish and trout. Let's go Texas coastal bend! Virginia decided to go legal July 2021 instead of a year or so down the road,sweet! Pic's tomorrow to show...
  7. SSgrower

    My first auto grow in my new spider farmer tent

    Tent picture?
  8. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Here are a couple pic's from yesterday, 6:30 start today. I doubled slowly the General Nutrition Bloom nutes to two tablespoons. Using less base& cla/mag. Today after I mow the yard I am going fishing to take my mind off FLOWERING!!
  9. SSgrower

    Chemistry's persoanl grow.

    Ok Chemistry, yesterday still no flowers I can see blooming as of 11 days? I am looking for a hidden bay area to dump mine for an outside finish if I need to in the coastal bend here.
  10. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Here's one but I'll get more at 7:00 am soon. I know I am anxious but they are so close I wonder if they need anything I am not giving them, beautiful dark green leaves, well watered, ect. Thank's Chemistry for trying. Well, that's not the pic we need.
  11. SSgrower

    Nanners? First grow, help me

    7-9 weeks is the usual time frame, which species? More information, have you started a flush, stuff like that.
  12. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    I did the last water leaf trim so at least I got that "practice" eliminated and achieved but I want to see Flowers! This makes me want to buy seeds, and even then I could get duds, huh?
  13. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    I waited this long looking for flowers to form, I see pistols as of three days ago, wow. Well, here are yesterday's photo's. How much longer till I see flowers! Daaang!
  14. SSgrower

    The Chicken are not clucking around here!

    Balls to the Wall, dang! I may have 4 males in my 4x4, I'm understanding your tears. going into day 9 of flower and no flowers yet, I'll check at 7 for maybe the last time.
  15. SSgrower

    Chemistry's persoanl grow.

    Chemistry is mean to his plants "burn em in the Hood", ect. Just kidding, I've seen a coldpress before but a long time ago, thanks for the views,Cheers!
  16. SSgrower

    Is it howdy nutey time?

    I ran this run 28 days until my Botnicare Cal/mag plus got here & I am in coco/perlite, now I wait on sex at day 9 of flower. They are all growing fine but a little curl down on my leaves today.
  17. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Saw some leaf turndown and am backing off 500-600 ppm by using fresh ro water instead of the dtw I've been using with 16oz. of RO water. Doing that saved me some coin but when I see any problem I back off. May go back to Humbolt Oneness which is not as strong N-P-K as DynaGrow. Using GN Bloom...
  18. SSgrower

    Madmax's first grow in coco coir

    Hey Max, I was using Humbolt Oneness and switched to DynaGrow and I liked the change, as you I am seeing leaf curl down and will back off the ppm and use fresh water RO instead of re-cycled 500-600 ppm from the Dtw collection. I recently trimmed most all water leaves in 2 days and today I'll get...
  19. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Third biggest. Opps, that is the runt.
  20. SSgrower

    Bagseed grow 1st. time in Coco & perlite

    Today is day 7 of flower and tomorrow I will final trim the bushes for rest of flower. Unless I see a fan leaf I missed. Still no sure sexing. Ima call my buddy, he say's he can sex em now. Hey Max, what ya think, I water 3 times in the 12 hr. window and let them rest all night.
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