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  1. elduderito

    LST Question> When to release from bondage?

    you often have to tie and retie as the plant grows - eventually the branches start to grow thick and tough and no longer need to be tied down ... it's important to make sure none of your ties are doing any damage/restricting branches....
  2. elduderito

    el duderito's perpetual adventures - 3x5 flower - 2x4 veg

    Flower updates: some bud shots at about 50 days of the two Karma Haze that are furthest along. the #10 is starting to thicken up a bit and get frosty - her smell is difficult to describe but oh-so spot-on familiar from my memories. I had another Karma Haze (#4) which was showing lots of stress...
  3. elduderito

    How much additional growth during flower?

    It's genetic dependent - grower influenced. as said above - sativas tend to stretch more (at least double - sky is the limit) - Indicas tend to stretch less: I'm growing some BOG Bubble that barely stretches at all (x1.5) as a grower you can reduce the stretch by using techniques (during veg...
  4. elduderito

    Topping AND supercropping, need advice.

    based on space I'd go for mainlining - it's quite a slow and aggressive process but it keeps the plants small and builds the framework to explode when you put them outside...
  5. elduderito

    Novice Blue Dream Grow Seeking Input

    looks amazing!! running a mono-cultivar crop (one cultivar) certainly helps to achieving a uniform canopy and makes feeding a lot easier... If I had access to quality clones from a dispensary I would definitely not mess around pheno hunting for my first grows... what's your set-up? nutes...
  6. elduderito

    el duderito's perpetual adventures - 3x5 flower - 2x4 veg

    the lights are equivalent of the crecer panthrx mini I believe - 200w actual draw... I have nothing to compare them with ... and ya - thats where those nugs came from... they seem to run a bit warm - I may upgrade one at a time to lumatek attis 300w ... It would improve my coverage and I believe...
  7. elduderito

    el duderito's perpetual adventures - 3x5 flower - 2x4 veg

    fan leaf is flowering on the bushy Karma haze #10 Karma Haze #10 @ day 40 Stretchy Karma Haze #1 budshot - Day 40 - this is gonna need a lot longer (pack says 70 - 85 days) Full flower tent - added a kush in the front center... should pack out quite nicely! For the next round: my 6...
  8. elduderito

    First grow - outdoors Blueberry and Gelat OG

    they're looking great dude!
  9. elduderito

    el duderito's perpetual adventures - 3x5 flower - 2x4 veg

    Thanks for stopping by! The bushier karma haze is looking to be a definite keeper - some fluorescent orange pistil starting to show a bit and she's giving off that classic nl5 x haze smell that i can remember smoking back in the day in Amsterdam... The stretchy one is gonna be slower to...
  10. elduderito

    Yellow tips on new growth

    you mention fish mix and bio grow - are you using both when feeding? at what dose? --- you should be using fish mix during veg and grow during flower (but not both at the same time)
  11. elduderito

    First time drying buds - some dry, some not?

    this happened to me as well ... I trimmed, bucked and put into brown paper bags for a few more days... it seemed strange that the smaller low buds were still moist compared to the bigger top buds but I think sweating/drying in the paper bags evened things out and prolonged the drying process
  12. elduderito

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Gelato x Birthday Cake from t.h. seeds
  13. elduderito

    el duderito's perpetual adventures - 3x5 flower - 2x4 veg

    the first 2 karma haze coming in nicely @ day 29 - similar phenos - one stretchier than the other... 3 more females just throwing pistils that came in 2 weeks later
  14. elduderito

    el duderito's perpetual adventures - 3x5 flower - 2x4 veg

    woohoo thanks Flex - I guess I'll give another update then Chopped the bubbles @ day 57 kush and gelatos at @ day 62 Kush Gelato Bog Bubble
  15. elduderito

    Feminized seeds- Do pro's use them?

    but still raises the questions -- are any commercial/pro grow ops running clones/mothers that came from feminized seeds?
  16. elduderito

    NL5 x Haze

    Karma Haze (Top Dawg Seeds) - (NL5xHaze dutch cut x A5bx) I've got 4 other females from a pack -- this one looks the most sativa dominant and stretched the most - I've got another similar pheno with less stretch and better branch structure... Not sure how old the dutch cut is in this cross but...
  17. elduderito

    el duderito's perpetual adventures - 3x5 flower - 2x4 veg

    Day 55 Update: Took down all 4 BOG Bubble plants on Sunday at 52 days - at about 30% amber - maybe even less... Set up a 60cmx60cm tent with a small extractor and filter - temperatures are ranging between 12c and 20c with humidity between 40 - 55% (now closer to 40 - first few days was around...
  18. elduderito

    Lights off temp help plz

    if you're at 20-21c that's fine... I've heard no lower than 17c
  19. elduderito

    Could someone tell me is this a Male Or Female?

    males can be short and bushy... I just had a bunch from a pack of BOG Bubble
  20. elduderito

    Topped 3 times. Howd this happen

    you can either spread them out by tying them down (either to stakes or to the sides of the pot) ... or if space is an issue you can always remove some of the tops...
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