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    Micropropagation of Cannabis

    This is real cool Le Marcel. Would like some info as I try this very soon. Decided micro propagation is a good way to keep crosses and genetics alive. Read you mention you get hermaphrodites and then turn back to females. Would it be possible to keep unique males alive too for the...
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    Pineapple Cheese S1 Project

    Nice looking plant. Would like to taste her. Great to see more people respecting a breeders right and sharing back clones when a breeder looses their original genetics. Lots of respect for that, major karma. Good luck with your future endeavors, much success. Bless; love and gratitude
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    UnderDog AKA Loompa's HeadBand....

    great stuff That was some beautiful bud shots at the beginning of this post. The OG kush crosses really do deliver something for the eye and stash. Never tried Harborside and underdog genetics but from the love you guys are showing here, they are definitively doing the right thing. Hope to...
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    Pollen. The art of breeding.

    Beautiful seed shots. Ever made breeding boxes, it easier when you want to produce large amounts of seeds. Create small boxes where you introduce the females in 2 weeks in before the male. Usually in nature it happens the other way around and the male matures first but we will turn it around for...
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    123 Breeding for Beginners

    Thanks for the info texas kid. Seems you really in depth with this. Can i get some feedback on you on two issues from breeding: 1.)What do you think about feminised seeds? 2.) what do you think about lowryder? My reasoning in wild populations my biggest concern is pollen from...
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    Breeding for beginners

    Interesting post, thanks for sharing that knowledge. Will you post about the recombination of genes and breaking linkage or mutation by environment. I myself like looking at back crossing, four way crosses and three way crosses for hybrids but there is still so much about determining wild...
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    Has anyone else heard of or used Aptus nutrients?

    No, I am not a rep. Me and buddies were trying new nutrients and this our test with the boosters. If you have any other questions be glad to answer. Can show you my previous test with canna in soil as well and advanced nutrients as well. Just testing new stuff to get more yield and quality...
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    Has anyone else heard of or used Aptus nutrients?

    Aptus nutrients trial Aptus trial test 1 This was our first large test with 80 plants to see if the brand was living up to its motto "Only the best is good enough". This test was done with Mossou a family group with a growing experience for over 20 years. Aim: to find out if Aptus...
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    Plant Nutrition and Visual Diagnosis

    Nice read logic. Being a nute fan myself. Started using manures,kelp etc then nutrients for hydro been through a list of them too. Still prefer a nice soil mix but slowly getting in to the hydro and aero systems.
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    Plant Grafting

    Hi fellow farmers, I have also been interesting in grafting many plants both for my profession and my garden. The problem for me is sometime getting the cuts exact so using grafting pliers can make the grafting process easier. The pliers seem well worth the cost. This site comes with a...
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    what should my ppm(nutrient) be at for flood table

    Thanks for the advise starting a flood drain table with different strains. Now i know i have to calibrate an average to feed all the plants with no burns. Will try stick around 900-1000 PPM. Bless
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    EZ Clone?

    Thats amazing, can I see some pictures from the cloning.....
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    Has anyone else heard of or used Aptus nutrients?

    Recently, I have switched from advance nutrients to Aptus in my grows. This is because I find it easier to use for growing. The dosage is easier and in small amounts give large results plus it is all organic. It gives me great results but I was wondering if anyone had the same results...
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    Greetings from Jah Leon

    Greets fellow growers, breeders and enthusiast.... I am grower for my medical reasons with migraine headaches and a problem with insomnia. My passion lies in breeding and the medicinal use of the plant which started in the Caribbean and later expanded to Europe. I practice both indoor and...
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