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  1. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Is This A Deficiency?

    Thanks guys, Im going to trouble shoot this problem over the next 2wks... Back off on Feed and lighting distance.. -Also started Magic Green foliar spray, doing very well with my soil grow so far and color and strength of leaves. Noticed there fan like rather than droopy. Will try this on my...
  2. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Is This A Deficiency?

    Been using my scope pen and no pest found, turned off bubbler to notice any movement in water and nothing...
  3. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Is This A Deficiency?

    -My Feed Is Relatively lower than what is asked to be used. -Water Quality is Natural Rain Water. -TDs readings give me around 850-860 (My Electric Ph meter broke so I've been using a liquid test indicator with results of 5.0-6.0ph) -Temperature min. 77F max. 91 F Humidity flux between 30%-60%...
  4. 4HydrogenAtoms

    what is going on here ??

    Ummm.... Were you attempting to fry some Canni-Leaves???
  5. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Is This A Deficiency?

    Hi. I was just wondering what is cause these Leaf Curls & Deformed Leaves.. And light yellowing of the leaves in certain parts?
  6. 4HydrogenAtoms

    OD's Window Indo

    Nice op bro, I like the idea of the fabric bags, seems like they save on space by ur setup. Seems ur going Macgyver mode and adding it with the LST. Lol I like it, Cant wait to see the updated pics
  7. 4HydrogenAtoms

    no lights in middle of flowering

    Anything Is Worth A Try... Expect The Worse - Hope For The Best.
  8. 4HydrogenAtoms

    trouble germinating...

    Nice Growing :-) Indica?
  9. 4HydrogenAtoms

    is it allright to have a dark cycle when sprouting seeds?

    If your talking about germinating the seeds, then i wouldn't see a problem with this. I always "Germ" My seeds outside in greenhouse dome. Seeing as Mother nature has the sun go down at the end of the day then what you've just stated is similar. Might just take 1 or 2 days longer for them to...
  10. 4HydrogenAtoms

    In need of new lighting system.

    So I have come across information Saying that. 2200k Is The Orange/Red Spectrum: Which would give my plant impressive vertical growth, and is mostly used for pre-flower/flowering stage. These are mostly seen in HPS bulbs??
  11. 4HydrogenAtoms

    In need of new lighting system.

    I Dont Believe So. Im Wanting to go with a MH bulb. But im confused about this Kelvin Graph. The Blue And Red?
  12. 4HydrogenAtoms

    In need of new lighting system.

    I have a self built grow closet (within my closet) Its 8" in width x 22" in length x 16.5" (all-inches) in Hight. I have been using One CFL 23w / 1500 lumen bulb my color spectrum of choice was "Natural Light" I have been reading alot about lighting systems require and have become greatly...
  13. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Got RIPPED!

    Sorry to hear bout this man. I'm all indoors for this reason. At least it's five left for u. All for humanity, but anyone caught on my property attempting to steal from me will be shot... Survivors shot again. Then used as a fertilizer underneath my garden bed. :evilgrin0031:
  14. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Leaves died and fell off

    Sounds pretty normal to me. Also I have a couple of Autos coming in soon, just wanted to know what kind of system have u been using Soil (organic - synthetic), hydro.. What type of lights? Any information that would be helpful. Thnx
  15. 4HydrogenAtoms

    LST w/ Autoflowering??

    Can u use LST with Auto to increase the yield?
  16. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Is it still a Seedling??

    Thnx Chris, I'm going to try this site right now.
  17. 4HydrogenAtoms

    best time to harvest?

    When Ready To SMOKE!!!.. Do Your Plants Have Buds Already?
  18. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Is it still a Seedling??

    Nope, Just Water... I Do Have 4 Bottles of Flora Hydroponics Nutrients???.. My Friend Left Me These Along with the 2 seeds. Ludacris: When Should I Begin to Mix In these Nutrients?? (Mind you i Am not using any pH Balancer. Im Sticking with the Sink Water. I Do Have A Question Though That...
  19. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Stunting the growth?

    How does one go about stunting the growth of the plant? I have a pineapple chunk plant growing. And the growth type is listed under "Reg." so I'm guessing that this means it is a Outdoor/Indoor plant. Noticeably I am an indoor grower using organic soil. My grow room isnt to big. I took a walk...
  20. 4HydrogenAtoms

    Is it still a Seedling??

    Kool, well the first "True leaves" (cotleydons) have begin to turn yellow and I presume will fall off shortly. I was asking this because I'm soon going to switch my (CFL) 26watt/1750 lumes to a (MH)200watt/3880 lumens. Pretty much doubling the lumens for the veg growth. :::::////::::: Thnx again!
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