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  1. PiffinOut

    What Are You Pulling...... Grams Per Watt Please?

    Im not a distributor by any means but from a recreational users point of view.. Dry/smokeable weight is the only weight that is important. Every other wetter weight measurement is a mirage. The only time anyone should be weighing their flower is after its reached a point where you could...
  2. PiffinOut

    DIY - 4X4 - Active cooled COB LED Build - Luminus XM-22 + Mechatronix IceLED Ultra

    Purpose of this post is to both gain information from the forum as well as provide a DIY education basis for members who are considering building their own COB setup in the future. For all the glowies out there, this kit and this post is meant for the broad field of horticulture. Primary Setup...
  3. PiffinOut

    L.E.D. Argument Thread For Dummies:)

    I suppose this explains why the CXM 22 HM chips cost so much even though they are 3rd gen chips. Wonder if they are worth the cost at this point though.
  4. PiffinOut

    L.E.D. Argument Thread For Dummies:)

    Alright boys. figured I wouldnt go and pollute the forum with another thread so here I am taking a shot at my old favorite thread.. the one for dummies. In any case the tri state is legalized and its soon time to consider not only growing for horticulture but also rec use of plants. Im looking...
  5. PiffinOut

    Dose anyone grow fruit n veg in your back yards .

    im in the northeast and did back to eden... and ill never look back. my soil is soft and dark, all i supplement with is composted waste from the house and yard processes as well as some urine, rotting/termited wood, bark and shredded cardboard. i can rip out weeds and plant roots at will even...
  6. PiffinOut

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    Big Brain Poster
  7. PiffinOut

    CO2 from brewing mead???

    Is that more, less, or about the same as your previous grows without the Mead CO2 supplementation. Im considering doing something similar to this in the future.
  8. PiffinOut

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    figured this is a semi generic thread so if i shouldnt have posted this here my apologies. ive got a bag of Timberline Top Soil in my yard. I was considering putting it into my vermicompost but upon reading some of the shiet reviews on and the like, I am reconsidering using it as...
  9. PiffinOut

    2021- Best Cobs on Market

    whats better for say the 3590. Artic 11+ or the Arctic 64?
  10. PiffinOut

    2021- Best Cobs on Market

    t5s lack penetration. good for germination and early veg and UV and IR supplements apparently but lack the power to go deep through the canopy unles u also use side/vertical lighting or put up alot of them
  11. PiffinOut

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    Honestly bros. If I could find some Heights Haze nowadays and some Superjack and Secret Weapon... Id be a happy man.Three very rare and unique buds with great effects. Im assuming Chem Dog and Green Crack of today are the same as yesterday and they dont seem to be in short supply but.. Good...
  12. PiffinOut

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    This might only be a NY one as I believe the gangs used to literally kill people for giving away the seeds and clones but... Washington Heights Haze. Or "Heights Haze" as we called it locally was my all time favorite. It was very distinct, very soft and very...diffferent. nothing else I have...
  13. PiffinOut

    L.E.D. Argument Thread For Dummies:)

    Let me get this straight. Perpetual meaning, you always have plants comin into flower soon. So like. 4 plants in a room/tent... one in each stage (1 inPropogation/Germination, 1 inEarly Veg, 1 inLate Veg/Early Flower, and 1 in Harvestable parameters) and then one drying/curing As such you...
  14. PiffinOut

    Prove to me your "Santa's beard" is endo mycos.

    come at me brooo
  15. PiffinOut

    L.E.D. Argument Thread For Dummies:)

    Wait. I thought Creee 3590s were COBs.
  16. PiffinOut

    Straight up dried cow poop.

    Be careful with livestock manure. Livestock feed has low acceptable standards, much lower than human food and it shows up in heavy metal concentrations in their manure. Most of the barley rye or wheat that is inedible by human standards ends up being processed into livestock feed. See post...
  17. PiffinOut

    Reverse Osmosis vs Water Distiller?

    Awesome. Good to know Ive got some good sauce. Always knew there would be perks to living at the top of a hill with well water.
  18. PiffinOut

    How often can I feed molasses?

  19. PiffinOut

    Noob question for sure..gotta ask.

    Let me first state that I, personally, would not grow weed for distribution or revenue seeking purposes. Any weed I would ever consider growing would be for personal consumption and nothing more. Organic ferts are not proven to be more prone to higher heavy metal concentrations than synethic...
  20. PiffinOut

    CO2 from brewing mead???

    Jimmy Hendrix would be salivating. Good work. Any issues with the co2 or mold problems so far? My only concern with diy co2 is the mold issue as I myself have had that problem in the past in an aquarium setting. The catfish and chili rasboras loved to eat it so it wasnt a concern really but, in...
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