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    Smartcurrent meters being installed in SE MI. WTF?

    Got one installed a couple months back after requesting not to have one put in. My hydro bill has more then doubled,a person still comes to read it and I feel my health and privacy has been jeopardized. I think they SUCK.
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    Killa City Kush (LA Pure x Bubblegum)

    Wow how refreshing to hear. Beautiful plants by the way.
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    The upside and downside of your Marijuana use

    I have been a toker for 45 years starting recreational and as I aged medicinal. It is a mojor part of my life. I am also addicted to growing. Good thread.
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    Hydroponic terms for new cats to growing or those who suck at english

    I bet all those generous people that spent big money on his ? strains are happy to know how good he is at stealing other peoples work. :pimp:
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    The New Epidemic Sweeping Across America

    Disgusting isn't it but ya know nothing will be done. See big oil,big banks and big government.
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    Rip michelle rainey

    You have joined the other angels now Michelle.
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    Just plugged my pc back in....

    Now that you have taken care of business what do you have in the works ?
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    Soma Arrested @ Prague Cannabis Fest

    That's messed up shit, passing a joint for christ sakes. :sign0065:
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    sunchine mix 4

    You can't go wrong using #4 :ridinghorse:
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    Facebook and the end of the earth..

    Social networks are not for paranoid people. Facebook is what you make it not the other way around. :anim_44:
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    Grand Opening Friday Aug 13

    Congrats brother Rocky and once you get over the rough spots of start up consider someone real solid to team up with. Grow on :bong2:
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    BCNorthernlights: Producer Pro's/Cons

    Do more reading and get 2-3 times the gear to grow with. :banana1sv6:
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    Fuck ICMAG! Pimp THCFarm!

    I thought this was the intro forum not the bash forum. Who cares about IC ?
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    World Cup South Africa

    The scenery has been great though. :evilgrin0040:
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    Hightimes are there shit articles

    Nice choice of titles ????? HT sucks !
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    Dad forgets 4 Oz in sons bookbag - gets busted

    Idiot for a parent but prohibition is the real reason. He should be fined for being so stupid though.
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    LEO invites himself into my home while I am away

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    bc seeds anyone ?

    It's a good thing you posted your question as this is a scammer ripoff company and should be avoided completely.
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    Hi all Im back

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    Drunk/High Dad Leaves Baby n Oven 4 Hours

    People that stupid shouldn't be allowed to smoke pot !
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