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  1. JWM2

    What do you guys think of Air pots instead of fabric pots......

    I still use a grow rack. Just not for production. You’re right on the pot sizing. Which is why I prefer the plastic nursery pots. In a 2 gallon nursery pot I’m using about 1.5 gallons of soil but yielding 3-3.5/oz per plant. Not too bad IMO. But I want to see what these fabric smart pots will...
  2. JWM2

    What do you guys think of Air pots instead of fabric pots......

    I still use the growing rack. I use it for vegging and trying out new strains. For production I’ve moved to a tent in order to maximize space and yield. When I don’t need to produce I just run the rack. But in all honesty I don’t sell the home growing rack anymore. Just the small commercial 4x4...
  3. JWM2

    What do you guys think of Air pots instead of fabric pots......

    I just switched to fabric pots for this next round. My hope is that the fabric pot can be easily washed out and reused so I don’t have to wash my pots by hand which is messy and time consuming when the weathers cold and I can’t do it outdoors. I was a little disappointed in that I need more soil...
  4. JWM2

    Useful seeds Chocolate Diesel F3

    The s1’s of usefuls were nothing like my F1s from Santa smokes charity auction that I had. The F1s I had were superior in every way especially yield and trichome (frostiness) coverage. Terps were wildly different as well with the S1s having a more strawberry diesel terp profile and the F1s more...
  5. JWM2

    Understanding Ventilation/Humidity Temps help

    It’s better to run it at a constant speed imo. If your inline fans have controls this isn’t an issue. While turning them on and off might seem like a good option I think you’ll end up with more issues than turning them down some and running at a lower speed. It’s also easier to keep the temp and...
  6. JWM2

    Seed Selection (non-commercial)

    Female seeds have red lipstick. Everyone knows that.
  7. JWM2

    Brand new bong broke, is it repairable??

    That puts an interesting twist on this whole saga. Sounds like the OP got lucky it wasn’t his arms and legs that got broke.
  8. JWM2

    That one strain that ain't a happy camper...

    Elenors VF-11 is great for foliage spraying. Doesn’t take much and has lots of micro and some macro nutrients to make plants happy. I’ve had the same experience as you from time to time. Some plants are just more picky than others. A soil test might help you find what she’s missing. MySoil...
  9. JWM2

    PPM. How important is it?

    Well ppm can be tricky. It’s good to know the value but the value alone doesn’t tell you too much. Other than there’s either no, little or a lot of something in your input solution/water. Take for example Epsom salt. 1 tsp of Epsom salt will raise your ppm significantly in a gallon of water. But...
  10. JWM2

    Substitution for BioBizz

    Make your own teas. Bat guano can be high in nitrogen or phosphorus. Add in some compost and you’ve got one hell of a 1-2 punch. You can add other ingredients to your tea as needed.
  11. JWM2

    pH lockout! Can't flush it down! Please Advise

    Hard to say which is worse. Flushing the nutrients out or flushing it with very acidic water. Either one can ruin a grow and you doubled down and did both. Number one rule of soil growing is don’t throw the kitchen sink at it when something goes wrong. I’d be interested in what your plants...
  12. JWM2

    pH lockout! Can't flush it down! Please Advise

    Sadly I think you’ve managed to ruin your grow medium. Of course the ec will be lower when you’ve flushed all the beneficial bacteria, micro and macro nutes out of it. Good luck.
  13. JWM2

    Grow like a Gamer - SSM - Soil Testing for Better Results

    The soil test we’ll be using for this is available here: The soil test is $29.99 but I was able to snag a couple for $5 off for Black Friday. It’s as easy of a soil test as you can purchase. Just fill the included scoop with soil, dump it into the DI water container and...
  14. JWM2

    Grow like a Gamer - SSM - Soil Testing for Better Results

    Fire up your favorite cannabis cultivation game and you’ll probably see your plant nutrient levels represented with numbers or bar graphs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this in real life? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could read your soils nutrient content like you can in a video game? Actually maybe...
  15. JWM2

    Let’s talk Nutrients...what is everyone using??

    I use a combo of three or four. I use bio bizz supplemented with NFTG, supplemented with Primordial Solutions, supplemented with Down to Earth. And that’s before I get into my supplements. Haha. No really I use various nutrients at various times. Some have more Nitrogen, Potassium or Phosphorus...
  16. JWM2

    Best way to have Different grow rooms inside 1 room

    Thicker tarp or add more layers. You could also have each in their own tent and then you’ll have a little easier time maintaining their individual VPDs.
  17. JWM2

    Wanted Help with buying seeds in the US/Illinois

    Seedsherenow is a reputable company that’s been around a little while. Never an issue with them. Quick shipping. Prices are a little bit on the high side with no freebies. If they have what you’re looking for then they are your best bet to get them quickly. Seedsman is not in the USA but they...
  18. JWM2

    Week 2 First indoor hemp grow

    I’d put some make shift humidity domes over them until they take off. It’s easier and you won’t have to humidify so much air that won’t affect their growth or well being. A clear two liter bottle with the bottom cut off works well and for the small ones grab some clear solo cups and create a...
  19. JWM2

    Does anyone here read reefer magazines?

    I used to back in the day. Skunk is another good magazine to read. Used to have a high times subscription and it’s really what lead me to growing for myself. Lots of interesting topics covered in those publications however they aren’t always filled with practical or useful information. But the...
  20. JWM2

    What is PROPER way to test run-off ph?

    Grab a core sampling tool off Amazon for $15-30. You can pick up a soil test kit also for $25 right now that lets you send in your sample for professional lab results. I’ll be posting some lab results here shortly in a new thread once I get results back from the lab.
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