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    Best OutDoor Strian for SE USA

    I highly recommend you not make plots, but rather dig a hole here, a hole there, because individual plants don't attract attention like a plot does, and is harder to find from the air. A little less work or about the same, I do 3x3x3 holes and put in 2-3 plants per hole in case of deer predation...
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    New blackstars

    Doesn't work that way (I am an EE as well as master elec and PE). As pinky correctly stated, most of the heat produced by the light comes from the LEDs, which run at the same power level regardless of the line voltage feeding the switchmode driver modules. There is less line current draw (@...
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    Rev and GreenMan420's Chunky Cherry Malawi Test Grow

    Looks and sounds fabulous - so glad I snagged a pack of these. Making compost for the spring now. This year is gonna be the best year EVER. :harvest:
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    Rain come`n Thursday!

    Pardon the question, but how much is the temp a factor in mold issues when it rains on near-ripe plants? What overnight lows are you seeing? Trying to get a feel for how many days of rain in a row and at what temps do I have to worry about mold. Thanks.
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    World 2010 Guerilla Grow Show & Think Tank

    I'm an old-school guerrilla hole grower from way back, getting back into it after a long hiatus. I just had surgery that requires me to take it easy, so I'm scaled back, doing just a few holes and using fem seeds even. I have been digging and amending holes, and will start some beans soon. My...
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    hello from zone 7

    I'm in an unfriendly state so we'll keep it general se us 33N. I grow outside, guerrilla holes, organic, strictly for primo headstash. Not my first rodeo, but I'm never too old to learn. Holes are in and its bean poppin' time... :sun
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