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  1. malamus

    Kens Gdp Revival By Malamus

    had to share a photo of my Rom x GDP f1, 4 weeks flowering with proper temp control
  2. malamus

    Good Fem Indoor Soil Sativas, Goodfeeling, Not Racy ?

    Kali China from Ace is exactly this. IMO CBD cuts the high so I'm not sure if that's really what you want, unless you've experimented and are sure. C99 from Female Seeds had a racy sativa pheno, the more common pineapple isn't racy to me but others say it is.
  3. malamus

    Backcrossing ? Why ?

    yes, depending on your goals. my time was easier since I was using a male but it should be the same for a female just takes more guesswork. if you're looking for revitalizing a strain and adding vigor IMO it's a little different than simply preservation. for example, with my GDP male I knew it...
  4. malamus

    Frozen Pollen

    how was the male guptilla? I grew some out in veg but didn't get to flower and I'm curious how it behaved in flowering.
  5. malamus

    Backcrossing ? Why ?

    pretty much, depending on the first breeding parent line they might or might not be pure after the third bx, mine were not until two more steps but again it will depend on the parents' stability
  6. malamus

    Backcrossing ? Why ?

    when I backcrossed my GDP male it took 3 rounds to get all phenos stabilized and the fourth pushed all phenos to the GDP side. there was an round of inbreeding in between
  7. malamus

    Branchy Strains

    Zamaldelica, some phenos refuse to grow main colas due to branching.
  8. malamus

    Kens Gdp Revival By Malamus

    just a small update. going to be taking a break as the new place is no growing and it's nice enough that it's not worth trying to be sneaky. made some 94 x ken's so 97's at this point. ripening as we speak. i'll be back with some gpd grows after a few years. wanted to shout out @homebrew420...
  9. malamus

    Shelf Life Of Pollen?

    Pollen, if you have a shitload it lasts longer vs a small amount.
  10. malamus

    Shelf Life Of Pollen?

    Depends on storage and amounts. Small amounts in the bottom of a tube at room temp a month maybe, I've had some die after a week in the fridge due to being a thin layer. I have a 1/3 filled tube in the freezer that's hitting four years and just starting to show signs of degradation. All my...
  11. malamus

    Black African seeds

    Centennial removed the seed list online this year and I had to ask by name to get what I wanted. Does he still have the black Nepalese?
  12. malamus

    Oregon Pineapple?

    C99 pineapple pheno, juicy pineapple with tropical dank hints.
  13. malamus

    What's Your Fav Sativa Or Mostly Sativa That Still Has Some Chunk To It?

    Depends on what you mean by soaring and dense. Female seeds C99 pineapple pheno was super dense but the high to me was a hybrid at best. +1 for the Panama as it's a good balance of attributes. If you really want super soaring and dense you want Zamaldelica, I had a pheno that was as thick as...
  14. malamus

    Unseeded Hemp

    also IMO law hemp is not necessarily the same as the hemp plant grown for fiber. here in CO centennial sells their high CBD line as industrial hemp, which can break limits if harvested late. a hemp plant for fiber might not have this problem
  15. malamus

    Unseeded Hemp

    you get a plant that probably won't pass state inspection, at least here in CO and now have a ton of schwag that you can't do anything with. my non hemp Cbd hybrid plant I tested was around 4%thc at full harvest.
  16. malamus

    Old School Seeds

    if you're in Colorado 14er holistics just brought out their sensi star clone. for seeds Ace, Cannabiogen or bodhi would fit the bill.
  17. malamus

    Chocolate Seeds

    Second, their chocolate Thai seeds were super fire. Very nice strain.
  18. malamus

    Kens Gdp Revival By Malamus

    GDP Breeding Formula Romulan S1 x GDP (S1s were from very stable stock) -> F1 GDP Pheno F1 x GDP -> BX1 BX1 x BX1 -> F2 F2 x GDP -> BX2(ish) - GDP88s GDP88s x GDP -> GDP94s having a male makes it much easier to make seed clones it seems
  19. malamus

    Kens Gdp Revival By Malamus

    Also grew out and tested a Grotto (Otto x GDP), approx 7% cbd and 4% thc which was as good as I could hope for. Will work on that line later to try to find max cannabinoids and most balanced ratios.
  20. malamus

    Kens Gdp Revival By Malamus

    GDP88 just wanted to show how it colors in 100 degree CO summer It was the most GDP like of the mistakingly made GDP88s, I crossed it with my Ken's to make some GDP94s and hopefully some final selections.
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