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  1. The Terps

    Clones Went Out Too Early

    You should pull them and replant new clones they will do much better than reveg I would say that till the end of June. At least get one new plant so you can see first hand what you want to do in the future
  2. The Terps

    Imaginary Grow Situation...

    Instead of throwing up a tent growing in it taking it down moving it to the shed. Why not just grow in the shed.
  3. The Terps

    First Grow Advice Please

    You overthinking it. Your going to want a larger pot when you transplant outside(plastic pots are easier to transplant out of since you don't need to "rip" the roots out) at least 35 gals. This will allow you to only have to water once or twice a day when it's hot and the soil is drying out...
  4. The Terps

    Calling On All Coco Guys Question???

    All brands are a little different they source nuts from different places. Then you have a pith to coir ratio and pith holds more water coir the opposite. In my area ppl love Tupur it's a light seedmix soil with coco, high drainage. I use nutrifeild in the bag. No perlite or anything but I add...
  5. The Terps

    6 Of Your Best/favourite Strains You Would Recommend.

    @below frigid pre 2005 sensi star ftw! That stuff used to rock my world. Bet it's not around much anymore.
  6. The Terps

    Need New Way To Clone With Cloner

    Just for perspective to @DemonTrich method. 1. Mix 5.5 water dunk rockwool 2. Fill prop tray 1/4" perlite (I reuse) place wool in tray 3. Clean scissors and cut clones into a bucket of water I typically cut 100+ at a time. 4. Apply hormones via gel liquid or powder. 5. Slide cuts into wool...
  7. The Terps

    Need New Way To Clone With Cloner

    If your emitters were clogged. Then your unit was most likely un sterile clean after every use. Fill with water and bleach solution and let it run for 5-10 mins. This will steralize the inside of the unit pump and emitter manifolds. Keeping the pump sterile is key as it is always dark and wet...
  8. The Terps

    Digital Electricity Useage Meters

    just saying man I know gamers who waste their lives on the x box or play stations and computers that roast way more than 900 watts. You can easily bump over 900 watts with a stereo system I bet. I wouldn't sweat. I've had e meters for years although I'm in Cali. You can pay a monthly surcharge...
  9. The Terps

    Dreaded 2 Black Spotted Spider Mite

    Just for the sake of the argument it is just as likely the mites came from other stuff not solely ffof. I mean it's not like you get it straight from the factory. It sits in the same soil distribution yards as all the other bagged mediums do and are all subject to bugs. I assume you also...
  10. The Terps

    Hoop House Killa 2017.

    I don't think an irrigation system of any kind could handle tea with ought clogs. But my watering is automated which gives me the time to do all the other garden work. And I can fit a light hand watering of tea in once every other week on top of my automated watering as a flush day also. But...
  11. The Terps

    12,000 Watt

    5-6000 btus sorry
  12. The Terps

    Hoop House Killa 2017.

    When I did green house I did a wood support frame and used a hole saw on the top of the support board. The point where the pvc is at its tallest I use the hole saw so a 1/4" piece of pvc sticks up but can't be moved at all still. Makes the frame more sturdy does well when there is a support leg...
  13. The Terps

    Defol Bs Or ...?

    Didn't you say that they were both seeds? You can't do a side by side without them being clones from the same plant otherwise you might see different traits reguardless. Secondly I have a hard time judging just one plant of each as one may be healthier get better dry down times ect... but thanks...
  14. The Terps

    2017 Last Call For Meat Chickens..

  15. The Terps

    2017 Last Call For Meat Chickens..

    Is it possible to mail them I'd hate to regret not trying one but Cali is a bit far to deliver a chicken lol. Either way I should send you some flies to help jump start your retirement. Congrats
  16. The Terps

    Melt In Your Mouth Caramel Or Where Ever Els U Want Caramel Melted

    Careful who you show those to as ppl will be trying to dab all your carmels lol. Never liked pot with chocolate but my buddy used to make carmels and they were so good they complement the mj nicely. His were weak strength though.
  17. The Terps

    Distillate...... Thoughts

    Why aren't you using your rosin press?
  18. The Terps

    De Yield Per Sq Ft

    I saw that guys first post and instantly knew he was one of those guys. Knows all the Bro science arrogant and condescending preaching his method like it's the only way to grow.
  19. The Terps

    12,000 Watt

    To each their own but I run 5 tons per 8 lights I've done two 2 ton mini splits in an 8 light and the units run super hard to keep even low 80s and your day night temps will be 15-20 degrees off. But you might be able to scrappy by and make it work. I'd definately stay away from any finicky...
  20. The Terps

    12,000 Watt

    Ya your going to want two 36000btu units
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