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    Where To Buy +25000 Btu Window A/c?

    Got one of mine off Craigslist. Noisy little shit but she's powerful. 25k was 200 cash. Other one from lowes $630ish with tax, didn't buy the warranty wish to science that I had. Electrician buddy wired me right up, small light leaks are easily solved with black privacy fabric lets your shit...
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    12,000 Watt

    Bro 5-6 tons per fixture? Pass me some of what you're smoking
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    Has Anyone Used The Trimbag?

    I stand corrected. Your plants is fried mang put down the bottles LULz
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    Has Anyone Used The Trimbag?

    It's your shit so do what you wan but if you're too lazy to hand trim 4 plants you might be in the wrong biz. Plants look proper don't do em dirty like that man
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    Planning Ahead For The Stink, Questions On Venting

    You got it - invest in plenty of duct clamps and hvac tape the super shiny stuff not duct tape shit seals up pretty much airtight
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    Planning Ahead For The Stink, Questions On Venting

    You'd be happy with a 6" 24"-40" filter, 6" 470 CFM, 8" 700-ish CFM fan if you're super paranoid. Pulling air out of the room you won't smell a thing
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    Wth Black Spots

    Look around at your ratchet hangers, one of them is prolly a lil shorter than it was before
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    Are They Ready For Harvest? First Grow

    I go by pistils. When the white ones are few and far between it's time. I see a lot of white still. I would think about giving a tiny bit more time let them harden up
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    How Far In Flower Should Lights Be

    1000w to 30" away 600w 18" 400w 12" Like dude said put your hand under the light. If it's uncomfortably hot move them bitches up
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    Nutrients Once A Week

    Ocean forest is the green bag. It comes preloaded with a couple weeks of nutes. You'll want to supplement after that. Best of luck friend don't be scared to smash that mf search button tons of this info on here already
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    How Far In Flower Should Lights Be

    At least 30" is a good rule of thumb.
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    Nutrients Once A Week

    He meant media you in coco, soil, soilless, etc? Plenty of good grow guides check the site out the search button is your friend
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    Thanksgiving Day Sale !

    Holy shit amazing deal been wanting to try these thanks cap!!
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    Grow Light

    I have at least 6 panes of glass lying around, went bare bulb, don't miss cleaning glass haha. Dm me if you want measurements I'd give them to you if they fit, fo freeeee
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    Whats The Best Co2 Meter?

    Yeah but tank co2 can be set to lights on whereas the mushroom bags are always putting out co2. If you're gonna supplement with co2 spend the extra coin and do it right. Don't want to know how much I wasted on co2 generating pads back in the day
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    Garage To A Warehouse

    Yep I figured it will be container city in the near future
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    Commercial Grow Setup

    This is so fake. Anyone with half the budget this dude claims would be hard at work building it out not defending himself on the internet
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    Garage To A Warehouse

    This is so sick. Getting a massive shop just to flower in a container..I'm just jealous I don't have the budget. Props man, can't wait to see where this goes
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    What's A Way To Get Around Getting Red Flagged At The Electric Company!

    Power companies make money by you using power. IMO if you pay your bill on time, you have nothing to worry about -- even in an illegal state. Started my shop at 8k, went to 12 after a few months, now at 16. Plus veg. Haven't heard a peep.
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    Buds Have Leafy Taste And Not Potent

    Yeah totally. That or you're easier to bait than trump. But like by all means quit squabbling it's making both of you guys look grrrrreat
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